Senior Spotlight: Caitlynn Dubie Deserves Recognition

In less than a week, the seniors will complete their last day of school, and on May 13, they will graduate, finishing off a total of 13 years of schooling.

Dimond’s graduating class of 2014 is filled with outstanding students, all of whom will be greatly missed as they move on to bigger and better things in life.

Before they head off, these seniors deserve to be recognized for all their hard work and dedication.

 However, one senior in particular, Caitlynn Dubie, stands out from the crowd.

 A 4.16 overall GPA, two principal awards, Key Club treasurer, Partner’s Club committee member, Be the Change member, Friends with Rachel member, hockey manager, softball athlete and varsity flag football star are just some of the many accomplishments Dubie has achieved over the years.

 Dubie is very involved in the school, and it is amazing that a student could juggle all of these clubs, activities and sports, all while keeping up with school work, education and life in general.

 When asked about her thoughts on Dubie’s successful high school career, Emma LaRosa, who is a close friend of Dubie said, “She works very hard and studies for all of her classes and just does stuff I’m too lazy to do.”

When asked about his overall thoughts on Dubie, Jake Hanni, a junior here at Dimond High School, and a friend of Dubie, said that “she’s just a really cool person.”

Dimond High School is losing a truly wonderful student in Caitlynn Dubie.

After interviewing several people and asking them to give one word that would best describe Dubie, these replies stood out: smart, witty, hilarious, caring, hard working, ambitious and determined.

To add to the previous list, Dubie is just a positive person with a great attitude that is really fun to be around.

When asked about graduation and her future plans, Dubie said that she “Is more excited for the future than sad about the past.”

She went on to say that she “plans to attend school at Michigan State, or the University of Alaska Fairbanks, while studying either engineering or athletics.”

 Dubie also said that she “wants to return to Alaska” after she completes her higher education.

 To sum it up, Caitlynn Dubie is a great example of the type of seniors that will be missed once the final bell rings, the last person walks across the stage at the Sullivan and when the balloons drop over the class of 2014.