Senior Spotlight: Greg Pfeifer Flies High above the Rest

The personalities within Dimond come in all shapes and sizes.

There are those who are quiet, reserved and soft spoken. And then there are those who captivate, attain attention and never let the opportunity to let their thoughts be heard.

Out of all the unique and outstanding students at Dimond, there is one that flies high above the rest. Literally, he is a pilot.

Greg Pfeifer was born on March 23, 1996 in Tucson Arizona, but Pfeifer has lived his whole life in the great state of Alaska.

It seems as though Pfeifer has had aviation in his blood since he was born. His real interest in airplanes and flying began at the age of seven and ever since then he has been actively pursuing a career in aviation.

Growing up, Pfeifer tried to get involved with airplanes in as many ways as he could.

From writing about them to flying in full motion simulators, Pfeifer has been committed to aviation and airplanes.

In 2011 at the age of fifteen Pfeifer walked into an air taxi service on Lake Hood by himself the day after school got out and with no previous experience or knowledge, got himself a job fueling, loading, unloading, and washing airplanes.

At $7.75 an hour Pfeifer had himself a summer job. But more importantly he was now in the industry and surrounded by the right kind of people that could help him advance his career.

During that summer Pfeifer was able to do much more than performing his tasks around the Lake Hood taxi service. He was able to ride along all across the state of Alaska, helping unload freight from village to village.

Fast forward one year and a few other aviation jobs later and at the age of 16 on July 8, 2012 Pfeifer successfully completed his first solo flight at the Palmer airport.

Pfeifer was now a pilot. All of his hard work and determination had paid off.

Pfeifer said he can describe the solo flight in one word, “Goosebumps. It was a surreal feeling being on the ground one minute with my instructor and the next in the air by myself.”

After obtaining his official pilots license at the age of seventeen Pfeifer took his first passenger: his mom.

Ever since then Pfeifer has been trying to accumulate as many hours of flying as possible, so that he can obtain higher flight ratings.

If you don’t know Greg Pfeifer as the high school pilot, then you probably know him as the high school joker.

Voted most random by his class, Pfeifer never lets an opportunity to crack a joke or let everyone hear his witty humor slip by.

With his on the fly thinking and an arsenal of corny jokes, Pfeifer is sure to keep a classroom lively.

With all of his hard work and determination Pfiefer’s future is destined for the skies.

He plans on studying aviation in college while continuing to build his hours flying.

He hopes to one day fly for a commercial airline.