Senior Spotlight: Ian Wilber Is Role Model for Underclassmen

Senior Ian Wilber has had a great high school career by anyone’s standards.

He is well known and liked around Dimond by students and teachers alike.

Not only does he have a sterling academic record, he is very active in events around the school.

He has played soccer for our school all four years, and is finishing up his senior year as Dimond’s goalie.

All of his life, Ian has played soccer. He has always played attacking positions.

During his Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year he played forward and outside midfielder.

After the goalie graduated last year, the team was desperate for a goalie.

Nobody else at Dimond is a goalie, so the team needed a field player to step up and assume the position.

Ian decided that he would take the position for the team.

Junior Brent Quinn said, “I really respect him for playing goalie. He sacrificed his senior year on the field to play goalie for our team.”

“It’s a huge commitment to the team and it’s not one that anyone else was really willing to take. It’s the epitome of ‘taking one for the team.’”

It has been one of Ian’s high school goals to graduate with at least one state championship in soccer.

This season is his last chance, and he wants to make it count.

“We came so close last year, and it was a huge disappointment to have such a good team but not come through when it counts. I have a much better feeling about the season this year, I think we really have a good shot.”

Ian also is active in the engineering program.

He is graduating this year with the engineering cord as well as the honors cord.

Senior Kari Wray worked on a year long engineering project with Ian this year.

“I had a great time working with Ian on our engineering final. He has a great work ethic and is very intelligent” Wray said.

Ian and his group made a product that could potentially save firefighters lives. They constructed a sleeve that measures your blood oxygen content and uses GPS to locate where the person wearing the sleeve is.

Ian loves taking challenges and is never scared to face them. He has taken a rigorous course load every year, and been successful every time.

Wilber said, “Although the classes are difficult, I feel like a better person for taking them.”

He claims that AP Physics is the hardest class he has taken in throughout his time at Dimond.

“It’s extremely difficult, but I’m really interested in the material and Mrs. Childress is a great teacher” Wilber said.

Ian is a great role model for underclassmen at this school, and has a great reputation.