Seniors Give Advice Before They Go

For the seniors, the day they will say goodbye to Dimond is drawing closer. But before they go, they have one last assignment: Dispensing advice to hapless freshman, sophomores and juniors.

Freshmen need a lot of advice…about everything. Sophomores need advice on grades, motivation and work ethic. Juniors need advice on hanging on for one more year.

Who better to turn to than those know-it-all seniors?

Freshmen, the neediest of all, shall get their advice first.

“Be yourselves, and don’t be annoying,” Senior Russell Seymoure said.

Well put Russell. Well put.

And have faith, freshmen: High school does get somewhat better.

“Freshman year is the most awkward year, junior year is the hardest, and senior year is either laid back or stressful, depending on who you are and what you do,” Seymoure said.

And it doesn’t end there, freshmen. More advice is forthcoming.

“Do your homework and have fun. Make sure you go to sporting events [at Dimond],” Senior Kyle Stone said.

Perhaps you feel like relaxing as a senior? There are ways.

“If you do what your teachers tell you to do now, you’ll have more freedom as a senior to hang out and roam the halls,” Senior Celine Abello said.

In other words, work first, play later.

Alas, freshmen, your time is up. Listen up now, sophomores: The following announcements are for your benefit.

Don’t even think about not doing your homework. Kyle Stone has a frighteningly motivational message for slackers.

“I thought that if didn’t do my work and make good grades, I wouldn’t go to college,” Stone said.

And while you can, make sure you join a few sports teams.

“Sports really increase the quality of high school because you meet new people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and you get the experience of being on a team,” Abello said.

Plus, you get to say you have a “squad.” It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Still, don’t let your squad take priority over your grades.

“Academics come first. That’s why they call it ‘student athlete,’” Senior Rocky Vasai said.

Vasai is also a follower of the “work now, play later” movement.

“Don’t mess around because you’ll regret it your senior year. Work hard,” Vasai said.

Listen to Coach Rocky, sophomores. He speaks the truth.

And now, it’s the juniors’ turn to line up and take their daily dose of advice. After all, with the finish line only about a year away, juniors are starting to get tired of the race and are stopping more than they should at rest stations.

“Take [high school] one day at a time,” Abello said.

Sometimes, that is the only thing to do. But thankfully, we all have friends to help us, commiserate with us and laugh with us.

“My favorite part of high school is definitely hanging with friends,” Seymoure said.

And it certainly isn’t too early to be thinking about your future.

“Start figuring out who you want to be in life, and take classes and become involved with things that will help you become that person. Colleges like you to be well rounded and involved,” Senior Claire Johannsson said.

So young freshmen, sophomores and juniors: Hang on. Keep climbing, reaching and shining. One day you will be a senior, excited for the next chapter of your life.

Seymoure said, “I’m so very excited to take the next step in my life. I am going to move to Seattle, travel, visit Europe and Brazil and work for Nordstrom. Mostly, I’m just so happy to be a senior, and be finally done with high school.”