Seniors: What I Wish I Had Known

Dimond High School students were asked about what they wish they would have known about high school, freshmen year. The answers varied from sports, grades, dealing with friends and sleep.

Many students spoke about grades.

Dimond Senior Yael Yisrael says, “Keeping your GPA up is important because it really matters when you get to senior year.”

Students of all different grades spoke of the importance of their grades to get into  harder classes in their final years of high school or to get into the college of their choice.

For Freshmen, grades are important to get into Sophomore year Advance Placement classes where space is limited.

Dimond Senior Caroline Requa understands this.

Requa says, “ Taking hard classes paid off.”

Upperclassmen like Senior, Caroline Requa, say that taking harder classes and getting good grades in AP classes allows students to waive college credits.

It is also a goal of many seniors to graduate high school with honors which looks good on college applications.

One thing that many students did not think about when entering high school was how every grade that you receive in high school goes into your cumulative GPA, which goes onto college applications.

Freshman Meridian Jordan says, “If you slack in your first quarter of high school, you cannot get it up very easily second quarter.”

Students can relate this to every year of their high school career.

Requa says that she is having to work twice as hard to earn the grades she needs in order to graduate Summa Cum Laude, which is over a 4.0 because she received two Bs Freshman year.

Another aspect of high school that students are unaware of before starting freshmen year is the amount of sports they could be involved in.

Yisrael says that it is important to try as many sports as possible freshman year.

It is easier to make friends freshman year if you are involved in a sport.

“I regret not doing long jump my freshman year because I was too scared,” says Dimond senior Tiffany Jackson

Just as Yisrael says that sports are essential for a good high school experience, Jackson and Randall say that sleep is also really important.

Randall says, “ If you are able, go to sleep early!”

According to the Sleep Foundation, only 15 percent of high school students receive more than eight-and-a-half hours of sleep on a school night. To function best, students need around eight to 10 hours of sleep a night.

Another important part of high school is to remember to be friendly to everybody.

Jackson says to be friends with everybody.

Yisrael thinks it is important that freshmen know that, “You might not have the same friends that you entered high school with senior year and that is okay.”

Seniors say that the most important message to remember is, “Don’t care what other people think. Be yourself.”

Overall Dimond senior Austyn Howell says, “I wish I would have known that they actually meant that high school flies by.”