Grads Boogie Across Stage in Spunky Shoes

Every year on graduation day all the seniors blend in together in their maroon caps and gowns. What everyone else would be expecting is the crazy shoes that all seniors pull off, with flying colors, to let their individuality shine through.

The dress code for graduation is that nothing can be seen under the robes and your cap cannot be decorated, unless they are culturally significant and preapproved. This leaves the main route to individuality is through the shoes.

“I am wearing my cute strapped bright pink heels. I am so excited to wear them,” Gwenna Nichols, a graduating senior, said.

“My shoes are going to be poppin. They are extremely tall so I will be even more of a skyscraper at graduation,” Nichols said. She is eager to show her flashy shoes.

Nichols is just one example of the plethora of students that are just aching to show their originality.

Like Nichols and countless other students, senior Julia Alfano also plans on being outrageous with her footwear.

“I am going to wear neon pink high heels,” Alfano said. She and many other are extremely excited to be able to wear their unique shoes on graduation day.

Another senior who wants to show off her individuality is Marianna Mountha. She is planning on wearing her Crocs on graduation day.

“I cannot wait until I get to walk across the stage in my bright sky-blue Crocs,” Mountha said. Her plan to strut across the stage showing off her mango and sunshine giblets.

Mountha’s other reason to wear Crocs is because of the steep stairs that seniors have to walk down and the fear of face planting in front of everyone on the stage.

“I am a klutz, if I were to extravagant tall shoes I would definitely fall in front of everyone and embarrass myself,” Mountha also said.

Due to the dress code of graduation, student’s feet are the only place where they can show their style. However, there is a trend going on around the country of seniors decorating their graduation caps.

At Dimond the caps being kept plain is just another reason students need to wear the extravagant shoes. Many other high school in the county let their students decorate the tops of their caps to show off their individuality and creativity.

Nathan Dickhaus, another senior, said, “I think it would be so cool if we were able to decorate our caps for graduation. I have some pretty funny ideas I could use for them.”

Dickhaus is just one of the many seniors who would love to decorate their caps to be more of an individual at graduation. Like also the others, all he can wear to distinguish himself are some cool Yeezys.

Decorating caps are not just an individual thing though. Friends are able to decorate together. It can help them feel closer and connected before the big change of leaving high school and entering the real world begins.

Some senior, however, are all right with being dressed head to toe in maroon, and nothing else. Hahna Wood, a very spirited senior, has her own plan to show school spirit one last time.

“For graduation I am planning on wearing the shoes I wear for every fancy Dimond occasion. I have a pair of maroon cloth heels that I wear and love,” Wood said.

Whether your shoes are mile-high heels or some comfy Crocs the main way to show individuality for seniors at Dimond’s graduation is through their feet.