Prom Preparations Lead Up to Last High School Dance for Seniors

April 27 is a big day for Dimond High Seniors.  Prom is the last dance of the school year and last high school dance for all seniors.

Months of prep and decision making comes to an end on that night.

Senior Kira Hewlett has been doing her own personal prom preparations. Hewlett said, “I looked around for a dress in February but it was nothing serious. Then when I went on a hockey trip to Cleveland, Ohio in March I looked around in the states for something unique but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked.”

“I spent the most time looking for a dress, and it took me months to find one I like. The rest of my prom preparations are standard things like my nails and my hair.”

Getting ready for prom seems fun and exciting for most people but sometimes it’s a little difficult for others.

Senior Channing Buckmaster said, “My friends said a tan would look good on me with my dress so I decided to get a spray tan since getting a natural tan would be a little difficult. Since I had never gotten one before and didn’t know how to wash it off or take care of myself.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore because the colors faded, but for a while I was bright orange because I accidentally fell asleep in my spray tan instead of washing it off four hours after,” Buckmaster said.

“It was a funny experience looking back but for awhile I thought I’d be orange in all my pictures! It was so embarrassing.”

“I’m still excited no matter what since I missed Prom last year while I was in Italy, this is my only chance and nothing could be embarrassing enough to ruin it.”

After all the preparation and haste to get ready many seniors go in large groups out to dinner before Prom and hang out all together one last time.

“There’s about 15 people in my group, it’s really big and even though I don’t know everyone but I’m still so excited to go with everyone. Everyone is so nice when we get ready,” said Senior Gigi Powelson.

“Getting ready with all of the girls is so bittersweet since we’ve all been getting ready together since freshman year and even though the groups change everyone is still so kind to one another.”

Powellson said, “After the decades it seems to take for all of the girls to get ready we all hop into a car and head to meet up with our dates for photos, prom pictures are so important! If you don’t take pictures did you even go to prom?”

“The rest of the night is pretty standard. My whole group is going to dinner together and heading to prom in a limo. All the preparations feel worth it when you’re on the dance floor rocking and rolling,” she said.

Prom season is stressful for some and sad for others, and even though it’s only one night it means a lot to people.

Dimond High School has its own preparations for prom, too.

Students participate in spirit days the week leading up to prom.

On the Friday before prom the school hosts an assembly full of school spirit to get the upperclassmen excited and to introduce Prom Court.

You can hear the seniors chanting getting pumped and excited for their last prom,

It depends on person to person how long it takes to get ready for prom some people spend months and others don’t think about it until the week of.

Most seniors find it bittersweet to go to their last prom but most of the fun is in their preparations hanging out with their friends while doing hair and nails.