Seniors Share Excitement As Graduation Nears

As the year comes to a close there are many exciting things ahead for everyone, but especially seniors.

For the most part we have all picked our colleges and are on our way to fully becoming adults. That diploma gets closer and closer every day.

The college choice was very hard for many people. Making pros and cons list was a big activity in many people’s lives the last few months. There are many people that took into account scholarships, athletic offers, internship opportunities and much more.

Senior Reilly Plumhoff said, “I am most excited to pursue my dreams of playing college volleyball. After high school I plan on attending University of Alaska Anchorage, playing volleyball on their team and pursuing a career in physical therapy or something like that. My best memory from high school was winning three state volleyball titles and graduating from the Japanese Immersion program with lifelong friends.”

We have so much to look forward to after these past four years. We are all excited for the opportunities to come. Many seniors these past few weeks have been amazing enough to be able to sign to colleges of their choices for the sports they love so much and have played for so long.

Senior Chris Loudon said, “I am most excited for summer with my friends. After high school, I am going to swim at University of Redlands in Southern California to double major in business and economics with a minor in finance. My best high school memory is this year’s state championship swim meet. Even though we got second it was still a great time with the boys.”

All the hard work and dedication of the army it took to get us to this point is finally paying off. As I begin to see more and more parents around the school closer to graduation, their faces just seem so proud of how far we have all come. This is one impressive class. There are the most honor graduates that I have seen in a long time.

Senior Carter Moore said, “I am most excited for attending college in Nashville. I love the atmosphere of the city and how you are surrounded by country music. I will be attending Belmont University and pursuing a degree in Economics. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite memory from high school because I just had such a good experience here.

As we go our separate ways, there is so much excitement but also sadness as we leave the people we have spent the majority of our lives with. There are many people who will stay at home and attend school or begin a job here in Anchorage but there are also so many that are leaving the state or the city.

Senior Takuma Inoue said, “I am most excited for literally anything after high school. I am going to take a job for the first time pretty seriously. I am especially ready to take a summer off and try to relax. My plan after high school is to get a part time job, spend more time with my friends outdoors, and eventually go to Rhode Island for college. I am attending Brown University. My favorite memory from high school was unexpectedly getting fourth in a relay at state for swimming. We placed seventh overall, but there were three teams that were disqualified at the end and we were able to actually medal!”


It is just a strange feeling seeing everyone you have known your whole life grow up and spread their wings. I think we all really look forward to see where everyone is going and who they are going to become.