Covid-19 Impacts Holiday Season

This year has been particularly tough, especially because of Covid. The pandemic has really taken a toll on everyone’s daily life. 

Slowly, you start to realize how much things have actually changed. 

For example, this holiday season can see a huge change. 

Normally you could expect large families to get together with feasts and parties. 

However, because of Covid, some people this year are opting to do things differently, whereas some plan to continue their normal holiday events, while being “Covid safe.”

A Dimond Junior, Ashley Decker spoke about her opinions on Covid and the holidays. 

 Decker said,  “Holiday events should be held in their own household to protect the safety of others in our community.

 “It doesn’t necessarily matter who is handling the food, as long as everyone has washed their hands and are in the same household, it doesn’t matter.” 

Ronna Fulton, a local chef at an Anchorage daycare, said, “This holiday season people should stay at home because of the numbers of cases rising.” 

Fulton also said that she believes that Zooms are a useful tool this holiday season. 

Fulton said, “On Zoom you can have more people, but if you were to do it in person it would be more risky, but also more genuine.”

 Matthew Tucker, a preschool teacher at a local daycare, said, “I don’t usually celebrate the holidays anyways, so I would say that I would prefer to just stay at home and watch movies with my brother like a normal night.” 

Tucker realizes the importance of spending time with family during this troubling year for some families; however, it isn’t worth the risk considering the events that have unfolded throughout 2020. 

Tucker said, “Because I am not one to typically celebrate during the holidays anyway, I don’t see why it should be a problem for everyone else to stay at home as well.”

Jazmine Sthalman, a Dimond graduate, said, “I am planning to travel to Idaho to visit my brother and his family.”

Sthalman continued to explain how it is better to be around your family in person rather than over Zoom because you can bond better in person rather than on the phone. 

Sthalmain said, “When you are talking to family on the phone, it is easier to feel pressured into keeping the conversation going, whereas in person conversations just flow.”

Sthalman plans to practice safe traveling guidelines during her vacation to Idaho. 

Finally, keep in mind that the CDC recommends that you stay at home and postpone traveling to keep yourself safe from risk of exposure.