TV Show Review: Ginny and Georgia

When was the last time a show made you cry? The show Ginny and Georgia is currently #1 on Netflix and there are some valid reasons for this. This show is produced by Sarah Lampert. Surprisingly, this is her first ever show produced and boy is it a good one. It is so loved because it shares what it’s like to be a single mom with day-to-day struggles for her and her children. Although some aspects of this show are exaggerated, there is at least one character in Ginny and Georgia that everyone can relate to.

Georgia, one of the main characters, is a strong-willed woman and she is extremely independent due to a troubled past. She had children as a teenager and was living alone for a long time. Georgia has two children, Ginny, and Austin. Georgia is so used to running from her problems. As a result, after anything goes bad for Georgia and her family, they move to a new state. But after Georgia moved to a small wealthy town called Wellsbury, everything changed. Ginny, her teenage daughter, had never really been in a place long enough to make friends. There was something different about Wellsbury though. Something was keeping them there. Ginny had finally made friends and she had even found herself a boyfriend. Now that you know some background information, let’s get onto the review.

I think that this show really captures the importance of mental health and the effects it has on teenagers and people in general. Ginny and Georgia is so well written that I feel like I am connected to the characters personally. I feel as if it is hard to stop watching after about 10 minutes because that is how quickly they jump in. I like how there is always some aspect of mystery and I think that is what keeps people watching. For me, every show worth watching has a good plot and this show has definitely delivered what the people have all been needing. I like how this show can make you cry and make you laugh in the same episode. I don’t think I have any negatives. There are a lot of aspects that I feel should not be in shows, but Ginny and Georgia ultimately have everything I’m looking for. The thing I like most about Ginny and Georgia is that they get into depth about the experiences of a lot of people in poverty. When Ginny was growing up, Georgia moved from town to town struggling to make money and feed Ginny. Although this led to Georgia committing many crimes and developing bad coping skills, she did it all for her children. She rose up for her children and she is now very successful.

I like how they go into detail about every character without giving too much about them away. However, I feel that they should have given Georgia less of a problematic life. I guess that’s part of what makes the show so intriguing. I overall really enjoyed this show and I ended up rewatching it about 2 times. If you ever need a show that you can relate to and enjoy, I highly recommend watching it. I rate this show a solid 9.5 out of 10.