TV Shows Review: Rapid-Fire

Now there are a lot of shows out there, some good and some I wanna burn with my flamethrower, but I will review these shows I’ve watched and give my personal opinion and I will first start with my favorite show.

Blue Mountain State:

Blue mountain state is a great show and the most underrated about college football. Now the show is filled with a LOT of adult content but it’s funny as heck and that’s what I love about it. The characters are great and most of them have their own episode but there really isn’t any plot and you’re just watching a bunch of college football players enjoying the four years they have. 12/10 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events:

This show is a little confusing at times and I wish Jim Carrey came back to play Count Olaf for the show but I am fine with the current one we have. The show is about three orphans whose parents were killed in a fire and they get placed in foster care. The orphans are rich but until one of them turns 18 they can’t get any money. They get placed with an old man named Count Olaf who only adopted them for the money so the orphans run away to find a new home. The plot is simple but there are a lot of mysteries with their parent’s death and with Olaf and a secret organization that only presents a thimble and a telescope. Each of the orphan’s family members has secrets about what really happened and I can’t even figure out the family secrets. I watched the show multiple times and I can’t figure anything out but it’s a great show. Overall better than the movie. 9/10

Moon Knight:

It’s a great show. I only knew Moon Knight through his crossovers with Dracula and I wish he and Morbius would do a crossover. That scene where Khonshu and Steve move the stars was amazing. I hope to see the asylum suit one day if Disney decides to make a season 2. Overall 9/10

The Boys:

I can’t wait to see season 4. The final season with Noir was sad and felt unneeded and with Homelander’s final scene he is slowly becoming the Homelander in the comics and that’s not good if you know what I mean. Soldier Boy is what I expected Captain America would do if he came out of the ice. He was great in season 3 but I hated Starlight. Here she tried to control Huey like a dog when it came to the temp V and how he tried to get revenge for Robin, his ex and I don’t know why but A-Train became a wuss this season. I get he can’t use his powers but the suit change was horrible and I felt like when he had his heart attack he should have died then and there. Don’t get me started on the Deep I don’t think I can even talk about his actions here without me getting suspended but let’s just say he “LOVES” octopuses. Now, the opening of season 3. Why couldn’t Ant-Man do what that guy did to Thanos that would have saved half of the universe? But the show overall 10/10 

Squid Game:

If I hear someone say that KoKo la Thin ThEn the HeMe La again on my phone I swear I will track you down and become Chris Brown to you it’s not funny when that show came out it was all over my TikTok all over my youtube shorts stories and all over youtube but besides that, it’s a great death game show not as good as Kaiji. But at least it’s not as bad as that other gambling anime something about a school for gamblers it was weird and not in a good way but all of that aside the writing is great the plot is good the only thing I found irritating was that side story and in Japan, they did some of the games in real life, not the killing you game but shooting you with a water cannon in your face way and I don’t think that I would survive that games especially the glass one but it’s a great show. Overall 9/10