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Career Resource Center Limited This Year Due to Budget Cuts

Kjersten Lehman, Igaramkin Reporter

March 27, 2014

In the past, Career Resource Center has been the hub for students going on to college and looking for guidance and assistance to do so. The Career Resource Center, or the CRC as it is affectionately known, was used primarily b...

Dimond Drills Prepare Students, Staff for Emergencies

Kayce Brown, Igaramkin Reporter

March 21, 2014

In Alaska, the federal, state and the Anchorage School District make many rules and regulations on how to keep the schools safe from danger. The students at Dimond High may know about the lockdowns and drills that they practice...

Student Government Gives Students Input, Organizes Activities

Rachel Towslee, Igaramkin Editor

January 30, 2014

Student Government is an organization of student leaders. They tackle anything from school dances to assemblies. They make decisions that affect the whole school, including spirit days. There is more to this organization than most people ...

Wall Quotes Enrich Dimond Halls

Lucas Katz, Igaramkin Editor

January 30, 2014

For a decade, Greg Brown, the philosophy teacher at Dimond, has been assigning his students to select famous quotes and have them creatively express them on a piece of felt. The best of these projects are hung around the second fl...

Keeping Our Environment Green

Oluwakemi Wolfe, Igaramkin Reporter

January 30, 2014

Many people talk about how they wish the world could be a better, cleaner and greener place, but few actually put those ideas into action.   Green Effects is a club at Dimond which puts the idea of “Reuse, reduce and recyc...

Seniors Focus On College Trips

Sarah Hendrickson, Igaramkin Reporter

December 6, 2013

     College trips are important to any person who will be attending college. The main point of visiting a college is to see if it is the right fit for you. If a student will be spending an average of four years at one schoo...