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People, Not Video Games, Cause Crimes Such as Shootings

Stevan Pekich, Igaramkin Editor

September 29, 2019

Video games have yet again been the subject of blame for mass shootings happening across America.  It’s a common thing to believe in America that video games, and their violent nature, is the reason why there have been mor...

Dimond Students, Staff Establish Social Contracts

Zarif Turker, Igaramkin Reporter

September 29, 2019

Staff and students in the Anchorage School District have been involved for weeks in creating social contracts for every class. Social contracts are a new way of helping students realize the rules and behaviors they should be...

Dimond Students Share Favorite Coffee Huts

Shayla Blood, Igaramkin Reporter

May 9, 2019

Anchorage is famous for having a million coffee huts and shops around town. Everyone loves them and usually has a favorite. There are many different brewers that sell their coffee to other huts around. The most popular brewers ...

Dimond Exchange Student Shares California Choir Trip Memories

Greta Germak, Igaramkin Reporter

May 9, 2019

The California trip was an intensive experience that I loved. We left Anchorage Monday, April 23, at 11:40 p.m, and we arrived in Los Angeles at 5:30 a.m Tuesday.   The first thing that we did was the exchange with the c...

Summer Jobs Change Students’ Perspectives

Burak Turker, Igaramkin Reporter

April 30, 2019

Everything we do requires money. Going to the store, biking, eating, etc. all require us to spend some money. We depend on our jobs to support all of the spending we do. Usually a job is an adult’s concern, but at Dimo...

Students Struggle to Find Time for Pleasure Reading

Anna Krsnak, Igaramkin Reporter

April 19, 2019

In the life of today’s high school student, reading for pleasure is a low priority.  Students have many things that take up their time like school, homework, jobs, social media, church, sports, Netflix and even games on their...

AirPods Have Their Place, But Not in School

Natalie Mack, Igaramkin Reporter

March 21, 2019

AirPods early in 2019 took the world by storm, it went viral on multiple social media sites. AirPods wireless headphones created by Apple, cost a whopping $159. This item has generated many opinions from good to bad, and even...

Cheerleading Is Much More Than Pom Poms and Bows

Natalie Mack, Igaramkin Reporter

February 11, 2019

Cheerleading is viewed by people as a bunch of girls with pom poms, bows and skirts, who stand on the sideline and yell. But it is much more than that. There are two different types of cheerleading, one being sideline where you ...

Girls, Boys Should Ski Same Distances in Races

Kylie Judd, Igaramkin Reporter

February 11, 2019

Alaska high school cross country skiers should not be skiing different distances during races for there is not a difference in endurance between genders. Year after year the questions arise all over the world about why men and wo...

Teacher Strikes Indicate Tough Times to Come

Niko Latva-Kiskola, Igaramkin Reporter

February 11, 2019

Tensions were strung to the max as around 10,000 school teachers and staffers orchestrated a sweeping walk out of America's second-largest school district.   The Los Angeles teachers demanded better pay, more positions for...