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Radio Music May Not Be the Best

Danielle DuClos, Igaramkin Editor

January 15, 2016

Keeping us company and singing along with us as we go about our business, the radio is a huge part of our everyday lives. It plays today’s “hottest hits” and provides us with all the popular tracks, yet is the music that...

Has Dress Code Gone Too Far?

Tiffany Jackson, Igaramkin Reporter

January 15, 2016

Where do I begin.. shoulders, do they turn you on? Every school has a dress code. A dress code is needed but is it been taken too far? The dress code is a policy to keep students from dressing inappropriately, but still...

Students Comment on Dress Code

Jaida Neck, Igaramkin Reporter

January 7, 2016

There are basic rules that every school has. There are rules about how to dress too. There are many things that can be said about the dress code, not all of them the best. When asked about just a general opinion, Jessica Smith,...

Feminism: Getting Back to Its Roots

Danielle DuClos, Igaramkin Editor

November 20, 2015

Feminism. A word that has many different shades of meaning, depending on who you are asking. Some believe that it’s when women hate men. Others think it is meant to allow women to do whatever they want without being shamed...

Student Counts Community Involvement Class As A Blessing

Zachary Schwab, Igaramkin Reporter

May 14, 2015

Every day I take a walk. I feel appreciative that I can. I have the opportunity to think about my day or future endeavors. Sometimes I think about the homework that I have. It's not the walk though, that I feel blessed to have. It's...

Student Athletes Must Balance Out-Of-State Travel, Academics

Frances Dun, Igaramkin Reporter

April 29, 2015

Being a student athlete, I often take a Friday or a Monday off while I travel to Portland or somewhere in the Lower 48. My soccer team travels between four and five times a year. All but about one trip falls during the actual...

Dimond Students Have Range of Opinions on School Lunches

Kaytie Ridle, Igaramkin Reporter

April 29, 2015

There is a lot of controversy at Dimond High School about whether or not the lunches are appetizing as well as nutritious. Some people love the lunches, some people think the food is just edible, and some people just completely...

Are Athletes Paid Too Much?

Zachary Schwab, Igaramkin Reporter

April 29, 2015

I love sports. I love watching and being active in sports. There is something about running around catching and carrying a ball that makes me feel energized and fulfilled. Sports has historically always been an important part...

Prom Can Be Fun Without A Date

Sophie Little Dog, Igaramkin Reporter

April 29, 2015

I know there are some girls out there with no dates that are considering skipping prom. While parents usually try to push their kids to go to prom, for the sake of the memories, sometimes you can’t manage to track down a...

Hats or No Hats: Students Have Differing Opinions

Ellese Chapados, Igaramkin Reporter

March 2, 2015

Since the early 2000s, students wearing hats during the school day has been a big problem with teachers and administration. Critics say that the issue with hats is that it is disrespectful to wear hats indoors, and that it...