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Dimond glistens after a fresh snow. Photo by Steve Pekich

Dimond in the Snow

March 2, 2020

Canvas Pilot Program Benefits and Challenges Educators and Students

Danielle DuClos, Igaramkin Editor-in-Chief

September 26, 2017

As of the fall semester of the 2017‒2018 school year, Dimond High has become a pilot school for the new Canvas By Instructure educational program. Along with two other high schools, Service and Bartlett, Dimond will be tryi...

December 4, 2015


Dimond Attracts Former Students As Teachers

Lizzy Randall, Igaramkin Reporter

September 30, 2015

Every high school has traditions.  A.J. Dimond High School is no exception, but traditions are not what set Dimond apart. What makes Dimond such a unique school is the incredibly strong sense of community between staff members...

Swim Team Hopes for Seven Straight State Titles

Darby Judd, Igaramkin Reporter

September 30, 2015

The Dimond High School boys swim team has swum their way to six state titles, six years in a row. Of the 38 years swimming has been an Anchorage School District sport, 21 first or second-place state titles have belonged to...

Freshmen Take First Steps Into High School

Danielle DuClos, Igaramkin Reporter

September 30, 2015

Dashing through the crowded and cramped halls that all look the same, searching for the right class before the resounding chimes of the late bell ring. This is how freshmen feel when taking their first steps into high school....

Dimond Librarian Honored

Makayla Clark, Igaramkin Editor-in-Chief

April 29, 2015

Dimond High School Librarian Suzanne Metcalfe was recently named 2015 School Librarian of the Year by the Alaska Association of School Librarians. Metcalfe said, “That has been a big honor for me. I am very humbled and very...

Ceiling Shells Enhance Acoustics for Dimond Performances

Harrison Greenough, Igaramkin Reporter

April 29, 2015

In late November, Dimond High School was fortunate enough to receive a grant which would provide funding to improve its auditorium with acoustical ceiling shells. The original legislative grant request was made by the Anchorage...

Dimond Library Adapts to Change

Makayla Clark, Igaramkin Editor-in-Chief

April 29, 2015

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, the Dimond High School library experienced many changes. The staffing went from one librarian and two full-time assistants to one librarian and a part time assistant. The library...