Seniors Focus On College Trips

     College trips are important to any person who will be attending college. The main point of visiting a college is to see if it is the right fit for you. If a student will be spending an average of four years at one school, a one day visit is definitely worth the time.

     Visiting a college, especially out of state, is expensive including hotels, food, airfare and all the planning that goes along with it, but there are many places that are willing to work with students and give them discounts.

     Being a student in high school can add an extra challenge because of the attendance policy and having to arrange pre-excused absences for three days or more.

     Senior Lexi Cook says, “Although I know it takes a lot of planning, time and money I think it is worth it. If i’m going to spend thousands of dollars on a school I want to at least go see it for a couple days.”

     To schedule a meeting or a visit with the college that you want to go to it quite easy, the school’s website, in most cases, have a “sign up for college visits” section.

     Senior Whitney Bungart says, “I signed up for my college visit online and, the website made it really easy to set up a date and time, it was very user friendly.”

     Most teachers are also willing to work around student’s schedule and help them catch up on work when they are absent visiting a college.

     Cook says, “Before I went on my college trip my teachers were very helpful with getting my work to me and they encouraged me to go look at the colleges I was wanting to go to.”

Going to visit the colleges that you are planning on going to can also be a huge deciding factor if you are thinking about multiple different schools.

     Getting a feel for the campus and knowing what it is like before you actually go there is important and can help you prepare for going to that school. It can also give you a chance to meet other people who go there and look at extracurricular clubs and activities.

     Senior NIkki Beardsley says, “I think I want to continue with cheerleading in college and if I could meet the team and coaches it would really help me make my final decision about the college I want to go to.”

     If a student plays a sport, it gives them an advantage to look at the training facility and meet some of the coaches if they make arrangements ahead of time and get to know them.