What Is a Beater?

What is a beater and what is not one? A beater would be a vehicle that has a busted-out bumper that you could kick off, always needs repairs, has a check engine light, shattered windows, no working headlights, and dirty interiors with a dirty exterior. A beater will also often have some weird engine noises. A car that is not a beater will look nice. Just because the car has a dent on it, doesn’t mean it’s a beater. Non-beater cars will often look a lot nicer and have a lot fewer problems with them and often be newer cars. A non-beater has people looking at it whether it’s an old classic or a new one. If it runs and sounds great with no issues, It’s not a beater. Sometimes a beater has low miles and can look trashy but will make it farther than a high-mileage car. Unless it’s an old classic, those are fine to have high miles.

The other day on my 1995 Chevy Z71 (Image Below) I had a lot of people liking it and telling me good things. Sometimes the beaters don’t want to start in the cold. I used to have a beater, a Chevy Blazer. It was always breaking down and always making a squeaking noise and I could never figure it out but it made me so mad I sold it and bought a non-beater. It was my dream truck. I bought it used and it only had a dent but, that’s nothing since I am restoring it and making it look brand new. It’s also a classic truck. The owners before me took outstanding care of it and did all the maintenance on it when it needed it. They were nice to even get a new battery the day before I went to go get it because it died when he went to go and start it up since he never drove the truck.