Good News II

A new brain implant was invented to help combat paralysis in limbs! You probably haven’t heard about that, despite it being groundbreaking for many lives. There is a discussion on it if you want a brain implant, and it’s spoken about with different projects produced by bigger figures, but the option can help people. In the unlikely situation, you need it, whether you want one or not, it may relieve much stress and improve lives.

Human life is a hard thing to tamper with. Some people get excited at the thought of a world with technology everywhere and an easy way of living, but a line between humanity and its creations must be drawn. The thought of an implant in your brain can be disturbing, understandably, and scary, but mobility in a previously thought permanent paralysis is something to get excited about. The technology has been used on rats and the scar tissue that once had been immobile, improved and rebuilt itself. It works by connecting the device to the human stem cells, which the body accepts, growing around the implant and regenerating new cells and scar tissue.

This discovery and invention can help many not be stuck with a terrible alteration. It will take time to perfect it, and it won’t be released in a long while, but restoring function in paralysis has been impossible for millions of years and was only thought about with replacements. It is a good thing to look forward to, even if technology and the thought can be startling. It is the start of helping millions.

Another medical advancement is more so for comfort. Nobody enjoys needles, but some people are terrified of them. Trypanophobia is an extreme fear that can debilitate individuals’ quality of life and influence them to skip important appointments. Most of the time, needles aren’t as bad as the fear of them, but the only advice you could’ve given is to simply look away, distract yourself, or breathe, till now! Vaccines are most commonly given by needles, but a new method has given more choices.

This innovation can deliver vaccines by breathing in compressed gas. It’s a fearless and painless method. This has been discovered out of pure boredom, and yet it can help many people’s health and quality of life! Essentially a puff of air is easier than needles, and still as effective.

The last good invention from the past week includes a new way to conduct electricity. From the water in the air and enzymes in hydrogen, there is a way to make electricity from a natural and easy resource. Our past methods of gaining electricity–while improving–have been somewhat impure, like fossil fuels, so this new way from the components of air is revolutionary.

It works by using Mycobacterium smegmatis, an enzyme that turns hydrogen from air to energy, and it’s incredibly efficient! It doesn’t affect us and is easily renewable, taking less than 0.00005% of the air we need. This new clean source of electricity is a breakthrough, showing there are more things to discover and ways to improve life through science.

There are good things to be celebrated and parts of life that haven’t been uncovered. If any of the breakthroughs interest you, you may want to look into some news articles that specialize in your particular interest. Inventions and new findings are happening all around, just yet to break to the mass public.