Recreation and Parks

Have you ever wondered how many parks there are in Alaska or what ones are still open today? I’ve only known of a few parks in Anchorage by themselves but over the last year, I have found out about a few new parks. According to, the municipality manages 10,946 acres which are 223 parks, 250 miles of trails, 110 athletic fields, 5 pools, 11 recreation centers, and 82 playgrounds. Everyone goes to parks, and everyone wonders if there are parks that we have never seen or heard about. According to, there are 17 national parks and 16 national wildlife refuges that are in Alaska, but the count for non-national parks in Anchorage is crazy to the national ones. There is also exceptional access to five particular parks that hold amazing glaciers and also wildlife like moose, bears, wolves, and caribou.

One park, in particular, is the home of North America’s tallest peak and has amazing wildlife. If you’re looking to go hiking or fishing, Lake Clark and Katmai Park is the place for you. A student named Hannah said, “My favorite park is probably Valley of the Moon.” There are still parks we are learning about all the time but, national parks provide a lot of nice views, amazing experiences, and amazing wildlife for us to see and enjoy and make lots of memories. Two students named Nathan Panamaroff and Jackson Nelson said that “Jewel Lake Park is our favorite park.” If you’re trying to be amazed by large things Wrangell-St. Elias has lots of glaciers larger than the state of Rhode Island.

Our state is home to the craziest national parks in the world and views that nobody could say no to. According to the top three most beautiful parks you can visit are Denali National Park, Katmai National Park, and Glacier Bay National Park, which are all in Alaska. We are also home to Mount Denali which is a 20,310-foot mountain. This park normally has 600,000 yearly visitors according to So Dimond, if you ever want to take the time to visit a national park or any park just know you will create memories you will never forget and have a lot of fun.