The Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair is something everyone gets together and celebrates in the last bit of summer fun. Here are a few ways of getting to the fair. You can go in a car or a train. If you are taking a train it’s also important to remember to get tickets. At the fair there are concerts.

This year there is a rapper named Yung Gravy who had a big hit song. They also have a booth for kids to go and talk with the state troopers and many more cool booths. They have good food places, and my personal favorite is the elephant ear for funnel cakes. They have a big petting zoo, they have sheep and I have seen goats and also exotic animals. They also have shows and lots of rides. They have this one game that’s a go-kart that looks like a miniature truck. They have a roller coaster that looks like a caterpillar and that one I would ride with my niece. The ride I would recommend is the G-Force. They also have bumper cars too but the line is long. The ride out there is an hour but the tickets are not cheap. I hope to see y’all at the State Fair.