Alaskan Trips

People love to go on trips here in Alaska. Here are 3 places that you should go on your next vacation.

Kenai: Kenai is a coastal Alaskan city, it’s in the southwest of Anchorage. It sits at the mouth of the Kenai River, which is renowned for its salmon fishing. In the Old Town, the 1890s Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church is a Russian Orthodox church with blue onion domes. Other things you could do in Kenai are, go fishing, biking, and hiking.

Next up we’ve got Kodiak. Kodiak is found off the southernmost coast of Alaska, on the island of the same name. Two-thirds of the island is taken up by Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge protecting the wildlife living there. It’s an area known for its wildlife and fishing and this is why many visitors go there today. But its past is also an interesting feature of Kodiak town and beyond. The involvement in World War II gives another element to exploring the history of the island.

Lastly Palmer: Palmer is found in Matanuska Valley, about 42 miles northeast of Anchorage. It is easy to get there by road and is often a tourist stop when visiting Alaska. In 1935 with struggling agriculture in the US, families traveled to establish the Matanuska Colony and this is where Palmer was born. Agriculture has continued to thrive in this fertile land and Palmer now provides farm produce across the state. There is plenty to see and do in Palmer whether you visit during the busy summer months, or for the cold exploring during the winter. With history and nature combined Palmer is a fantastic place to visit and explore in Alaska.