Freshmen Take Alaska Studies, Global Geography

     In previous years, juniors have taken Alaska Studies and Economics as their required social studies classes. However, this year freshmen and juniors will be taking Alaska Studies.

     If nothing changes, during the 2015-2016 school year and after, only freshmen will be taking Alaska Studies.

     In addition to Alaska Studies changing grade levels, freshmen are now taking Global Geography for the other semester of their Social Studies requirements.

     Students graduating before 2017 will still be taking Economics as a junior and students graduating in 2017 or after will be taking it as a senior.

     Dimond social studies teacher Mischell Anderson participated in the creation of the new Global Geography class.

     “There were five teachers. Me, one from West, two from Service, and one from Bartlett,” anderson said.

     They met to discuss and outline the class. First, they divided up the units and wrote the curriculum for each, Anderson said.

     Then they had to present their curriculum to department chairs and interested teachers for comments and suggestions.

     The curriculum then had to be approved by the school board. Additional classes were also approved.

Dimond Social Studies teachers selected Global Geography, Anderson said.

Other high schools in the Anchorage School District chose to have a different class.

Freshman Cara Frischkorn said, “I take Honors Global Geography. As a student in Ms. Nurmi’s class I do enjoy her  style of teaching geography.”

Heather Jensen, freshman, said Alaska Studies fun and she has learned a lot.

Freshman Rainey Drew said, “[Global] Geography is really fun.” She did not like geography before, but she likes it now.

Briannah Pugh, a freshman said, “Global Geography is a lot of fun.”