Dimond Celebrates Spirit Olympics

Sadie Hawkins is final activity of Spirit Olympics week.
Sadie Hawkins is final activity of Spirit Olympics week

It will be fantastic.

— Lem Wheeles, Student Government Sponsor

“It will be an assembly like you have never seen before. It will be fantastic,” Dimond High Student Government teacher Lem Wheeles said.

The Spirit Olympics will be an assembly on Friday, Jan. 31, and it concludes a spirit week.

During the spirit week, freshmen and upperclassmen had the same lunch period all week.

On the Thursday before the spirit week, each class held a meeting in separate locations to talk about the upcoming spirit week.

At the class meetings, it was explained that there will be quick hitters every day at lunch spirit week and on Friday at the 70-minute assembly.

There is going to be “a competition between each class,” Wheeles said.

The class that wins the most quick hitters will be deemed the “Most Spirited Class of the 2013-2014 school year,” Wheeles said.

A banner will be made in honor of the class that wins, and they will get the Staff of Spirit to display in front of their class at assemblies until the next Spirit Olympics, Wheeles said.

The idea of the Spirit Olympics was a combined effort of the Commissioners of Spirit and the inputs at student forum, Wheeles said.

Junior Ad Hoc in Student Government Emily Carey said, “I think the Spirit Olympics is a great idea because it brings the whole school together and helps bring the classes together.”

Carey said there will be a potato sack race, boxing, sumo-wrestling, tug-a-war and more.

Student Government asked Zayn Roohi and Arslan Malik, seniors, to make a video that would “hype people up” about the Spirit Olympics and “go viral before the assembly,” Roohi said.

In addition to the new event of the Spirit Olympics, there is also the “ask out” contest.

It promotes people to be creative, ask people to the dance and to attend Sadie Hawkins, Wheeles said.

The contest works by people posting pictures on Instagram of them asking out their date to the Sadie Hawkins dance and hashtagging it #DHSaskout.

A panel of staff and students will judge the entries and the first prize for upperclassmen will be prom tickets.

Student Government organizes the assembly and sells tickets to the dance.

The freshmen and sophomores in Student Government are organizing this year’s Sadie Hawkins dance, and their classes get paid from the profits.

Before the dance, the freshmen and sophomores have to decorate the commons and the DJ has to be contracted.

“The set up in the entry areas with the computers takes a while,” Wheeles said.

The dance is on Feb. 1 and tickets will be sold Jan. 27 to 31.