Graduation Is Approaching Quickly

For Dimond High School seniors graduation is approaching quickly. The senior count down is approaching single digits.

This year as before, graduation is held at the Sullivan Arena. It is at 7p.m. on Tuesday, May 13, and is the second of the two graduations that day.

Student Body President Austin Osborne has been voted by his classmates as the honors speaker.

Osborne said, “I am excited to give a speech, I just hope I don’t put everyone to sleep or anything!”

Osborne also said, “I think I can do a great job of inspiring my friends and delivering a great speech!”

Dimond math teacher Kathleen Navarre is the graduation coordinator. She puts a lot of time and effort into making graduation a memorable night for all.

Senior Class President Abigail Corral is the Mistress of Ceremonies. Her job is to announce all of the speakers and guide the ceremony.

A list of staff members are always chosen by the Senior Class to do certain events at graduation, such as speaking and reading names.

English, Art, and Yearbook teacher, Cullen Lickingteller has been selected to give a speech at graduation. Lickingteller has always been very positive with a never ending outgoing attitude.

Commissioner of Spirit, Senior Chandler Barrett has been selected as the senior class speaker, student’s voted for him because he is spirited and upbeat.

Graduation is a very traditional ceremony that our Dimond staff has kept going strong for many years.

The Student Government seniors sit on the stage and congratulate their fellow classmates.

This year, Dimond’s long time Principal, Cheryl Guyett, is retiring after 13 at Dimond, 10 years as principal.

Student Government Advisor and History teacher, Lem Wheeles said, “Ms. Guyett has been a great leader for our school and will be missed.”

In addition to the school wide graduation, Dimond also hosts a Japanese graduation for the students in the Japanese immersion program.

It takes place on May 8th in the Auditeria. Each immersion student gives a speech about their experience in the program and how it has affected their life.

Dimond also has another graduation where all the honors students are acknowledged for all their hard work they have put forth these past four years. They have to have a cumulative GPA of a 3.5 by the end of Senior year.  This is where they receive their honors cords.