Pennies for Patients Donations Exceed Last Year

Pennies for Patients is a school wide fundraiser that collects money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This money provides a base for people who cannot afford the treatment that is needed. It also also used for cancer research.

According to Sophomore Makayla Maisey, this fundraiser has been going on at the Dimond High School for awhile. She also remembers doing this at her elementary school, Bayshore and her middle school, Mears.

This year over the course of two weeks, Dimond High School raised $685.13 cents.  The goal this year was just to pass the amount of money earned last year. Dimond raised $200 more than last year.

This year, the point was just to raise pennies or coins and not put bills in the jars. This year each class was competing against each other. For every bill put in, points were taken away.

Maisey said, “We didn’t focus on how much each class made specifically, but we did count points.  For pennies five points were added, for nickels five points were subtracted, for dimes ten points were subtracted, for quarters 25 points were subtracted and for dollars 100 points were subtracted.”

“The freshmen ended up winning by over 50,000 point.”

She said they hope to beat the amount of money next year like they did this year.

Sophomore Kelsey Eagle said, “Mr. Reese had a class goal for us. He had a container in the class and asked that we fill it up by the end of the week. There was no prize, but it just for the good of it.”

Sophomore Loricelle Juan said, “A little goes a long way and anything can help. If each person brought two or three pennies in each day imagine how much money there would be.”

According to  this fundraising event is nation wide. “Since 1994 millions of dollars in pennies and other spare change has been raised.”

“Over 10 million schools across the country participate in this fundraising event.”

“The winning class gets a pizza party.”

Senior Lacey Dowden said, “I feel like they could’ve advertised it more and made posters. I only heard about it once when people came into our class. I also didn’t like the new competition.”

Juan said, “On the last day, each student in Mr. Beviers class brought in rolls of coins.”

Juan also said that this year the freshmen were really competitive and showed everyone up.

Another fundraising oppurtinity presented on the website is the Pasta for Pennies program.

This program is very similar to Pennies for patients, but it is organized by Olive Garden.  It is a “service learning, character education and philanthropy program” and a teamwork opportunity for students.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  provides lesson plans, videos, collection boxes and an opportunity for  a kick off assembly.

HOP for Leukemia and Lymphoma is  another fundraising program to help educate people on the importance of raising money for blood cancer and to have fun while doing it.

For HOP  each student collects donations or pledges over a certain amount of time. At the all donations are counted.

Each participant receives a  Certificate of Appreciation, according to the