Is DNL a Thing of the Past?

Unless something changes, Dimond Night Live, commonly referred to as DNL, will not be making a comeback this year.

According to Carrie Smith, one of the original founders of DNL, the show has been cancelled.

“Dimond Night Live is likely to not happen this year because we no longer have teacher

sponsors,” said Smith. “If no teachers step up to the task, then there just won’t be a DNL this year.”

Dimond English teacher Kristen Melican echoed that thought.

“At the moment, there are no plans to bring back Dimond Night Live. If we do get a teacher sponsor, then just maybe we can have Dimond Night Live again,” Melican said.

DNL has been a tradition at Dimond High School for nine years. Founded in 2006, there have been a total of 10 shows.

Smith is not entirely disappointed that Dimond Night Live is not making a comeback. In fact, she is okay with the matter.

“Overall, I am okay with Dimond Night Live coming to an end. I do think that we had a good run, and that 10 years is a good time frame. I am not dissapointed that it has ended, and do think it is time for us to let go,” Smith explained.

DNL has played a great role in student life around the school. Students have participated

in DNL over the years, and in most cases are upset that Dimond Night Live has been cancelled.

“It is really upsetting that we do not have Dimond Night Live this year. When I originally joined, I immediately connected with the other students who were also in the event,” said Dimond Senior Edgar Villasenor. “It felt like home, like a tradition. I really am upset that no teacher has stepped up to take on the task, and in the end, we are all affected.”

Villasenor is not the only person who is upset about the issue.

Dimond Senior Jonah Nitisaporn is also not happy that DNL will not be making a

comeback this year.

“I really hate that we are not having a DNL this year. I was so stoked for it, and now my adrenaline has died out after finding out it is not happening,” Nitisaporn said.

Students seem to be looking forward to the event; however, many students do not know that DNL has been cancelled.

Chris Carrigan, a former student from Dimond High, was not aware that DNL was not happening this year. When finding out about the matter, he was rather upset.

“I actually cannot believe that they cancelled Dimond Night Live. I kind of just expected it to happen since we have done it for so long. It seems that our spirit is dying out, and many students, including myself, are anticipated to go to these events. It a shame that the school has given up on DNL,” said Carrigan.

Some students also have different opinions on the situation.

Dimond Senior Ben Clayton believes that the end to DNL can spark “new ideas and ways

to improve from the past.

“What I think is good about this is that DNL was already becoming redundant,

and jokes were just stale at this point. It was a good idea to have at the time, but after so long I think that it is healthy for all of us to just move on, and think of something new,” Clayton said.

It seems that many students are divided over the issue on DNL. Some students see it as a Dimond tradition, while others find it redundant.

The only question now is, will DNL ever shed its light again?