Dimond Prom Court Announced

Dimond’s final school dance, Prom, ends with the most coveted court out of the three courts at Dimond.

It is Prom Court, and seven ladies and guys are chosen from the senior class based on a teacher committee, and the results were annouced at the most recent senior meeting on April 7.

For the girls on court, Piper Sato, Amanda Tang, Hannah Randall, Judy Park, Danielle DuClos, Larissa Hench and Ally Carney were picked.

For the guys, Sean Swalling, Theodis Talbert, Jack Jeong, Isaiah Mills, Jacob Fisher, Tyler Jang and Jason Choi were picked.

Jim Anderson, a math teacher at Dimond, talked about the history behind how Dimond picks its prom court.

“Dimond is unique in how we do prom court selection. No other school picks court like how we do, because it’s mainly a popularity contest for other high schools around Anchorage,” Anderson said.

Anderson added information about prom court selectivity and what caliber of students are on court.

“Prom court is chosen based on highest GPA, involvement in clubs and lettering in sports. It’s also a points-based system. The kids that you see on prom court are the top 14 kids in the building. Generally, half of these kids end up going to [elite universities and] Ivy League schools.”

Lem Wheeles, a government teacher and Student Government advisor at Dimond, discussed details of the interworking behind prom court to the best of his abilities.

“The specific criteria is not public knowledge to the students, because we want it to be a secret so we don’t have students trying all four years to get on prom court. It’s done fairly so that way students don’t know about it. There’s a committee of teachers that compile information on students,” Wheeles said.

Wheeles talked about the benefits of being on prom court at Dimond, which is probably why the picking process is so secreative due the court freebies.

“The girls get a sash and a crown, while the guys just get a sash. Prom court and their dates get free prom tickets, and the Prom King and Queen get large crowns and a dance at Prom. On Friday, April 20, they get a fancy lunch, photoshoot and introduced at the Prom Assembly,” Wheeles said.

Senior Sean Swalling was at first frustrated about being on court, but cheered up later when he learned more information.

“I didn’t smile when I heard my name called, but then I smiled when I was told by Ms. Bouton that I was getting free prom tickets for my girfriend and I,” Swalling said.

Senior Theodis Talbert was shocked when he heard he was going to be on court.

“I was about to skip the senior meeting since I felt like going home and working on my Gothic Lit homework. I’m glad I went because when I heard my name called, I was pleasantly surprised,” Talbert said.

Senior Larissa Hensch talked about how excited she is for being on prom court, and what she is looking forward to in the upcoming week.

“I’m looking forward to lunch, since last year they went to Glacier Brewhouse so I bet that’s where we will go this year,” Hensch said.

Senior Piper Sato is pumped about being on court, but she is also looking forward to participating in the Dimond Walkout on Friday.

“I was adament about participating in the Dimond Walkout, because I helped planned the March for Our Lives rally so I wanted to be a part the walkout. Luckily, the administration has worked with me on particpating in both, so I can drive on my own to the Prom lunch instead of taking the bus,” Sato said.

Overall, prom court is a big accomplishment in its own right, and it is representative of the best and brighest students in the senior class.