Annual Crossover Assembly Is Dimond Rite of Passage

On May 4, Dimond held its annual crossover assembly, an assembly where students look towards their next year of high school as they cross into a new section of the bleachers.

As each class enters a new section, they begin to reveal their long-awaited new class color. Freshmen change from green to blue, sophomores from blue to gold and juniors from gold to maroon.

Prior to the assembly, Student Government works hard to plan the assembly and create signs to be hung up around all sections of the gym.

Crossover always feels like a celebratory event, and is filled with excitement and fun activities.

Each year, the seniors come flooding in, running laps around the gym and gathering in

the senior section to do some of their last senior cheers. Before the assembly, seniors always spend an entire day out of school celebrating Senior Fun Day–a day filled with fun activities for seniors, often held at Fox Hollow.

As the assembly began, the K-pop Club performed a dance to the entire school.

Later, parents of seniors performed a dance for their students, a tradition that has been held at Dimond for many years. Except this year, the parents ended their performance by repeating the dance that seniors had done at the Spirit Olympics Assembly back in February

This year was the first year that Dimond had a dance battle during the Spirit Olympics Assembly, and the seniors’ dance won first place in the battle, so many students found it fun to see the parents perform the same dance.

Another highlight of the assembly was the inauguration of new spirit commissioners, Jayden Houston and Cameron Sheldon. Houston and Sheldon entered the gym, breaking through a paper sign as students in the bleachers cheered them on.

After entering the gym, Houston and Sheldon were given the official spirit commissioner robes, and directed the assembly from there on out—beginning with a Dimond cheer.

Houston said, “I was stressed and nervous all day long because of the assembly, but I’m glad we did it. I’m really excited to be spirit commissioner and follow some really cool guys.”

As the assembly begins to wrap up, students partake in the highly-anticipated crossover.

As each class moves to a new section of bleachers, students take off the colors of their old class to reveal the colors of their next class.

It’s always a highlight to see this major change of color, along with the eagerness of the students to move on.

Junior Alex Larson said, “The actual crossing over often seems really rushed because people just start running over to their new section before the spirit commissioners tell them to, but overall, I think crossover is usually really fun.”

In a way, the Crossover Assembly indicates the ending of the school year. And though finals still remain, Crossover acts as an event to show students the light at the end of the tunnel and that summer has almost arrived.

During the crossover, seniors move onto the gym floor and all crowd around to watch the senior slideshow—another Dimond tradition for seniors.

Each year, student government puts together a slideshow of pictures of seniors from when they were still in elementary school, and even younger, to pictures taken only a week or two prior to the assembly.

Junior Jalyn Osborne said, “Watching the slideshow always makes me sad to see the seniors go, but it also makes me excited for the next year, especially since we’re going to be seniors next.”

Though the assembly often runs past 2:00, most all seniors stay until the slideshow has ended.

Houston said, “I’m sad about the seniors leaving, but I’m excited about their futures, I know they’ll go far. Also, I’m happy to be a senior and be on top.”

And only a week after the Crossover Assembly, the seniors walk out of the doors of Dimond for the last time as students, only allowed to reenter the school with a visitor’s pass.

But right before seniors leave, they walk through the halls as the Dimond Fight Song plays in an event known as the Senior Parade.