Dimond Students Stow Backpacks in Lockers During School Day

Starting this school year Dimond High has decided to implement a new system for backpacks. Students are to keep their bags in their locker at all times during the school day.

Small purses are allowed, but the bag cannot be big enough to fit a textbook.

The school is taking safety precautions very seriously, so this new rule will be strongly enforced.

Christopher Kleckner the assistant principal for student services at Dimond High School said “ The policy is being enforced in light of current events involving school security.

“Nationwide there has been a number of instances involving inappropriate objects brought into school,”

“ Plus you can see more kids decorating their lockers and using them like how it used to be in the old days,”

Valerie Laureta, a senior at Dimond, said, “This new policy really messes with me getting to class early, trying to push through a crowd of other kids at their lockers isn’t really that fun,”

“I understand why they would make this a new rule, but it’s just really inconvenient.”

          Some students of Dimond have taken a real dislike towards this new rule, claiming that it rushes them a lot during passing time.

The rule affects how fast kids can get to class, especially if their locker is really far away from their classes.

Walter Platt, a junior at Dimond said, “ The new rule is just annoying. Having to run to my locker in between classes just makes everything more difficult than it needs to be.”

“Having to limit the amount of stuff I carry is kind of a relief, but at the same time not being able to bounce from one class to another is kind of annoying,”

Students at Dimond find the change hard to adapt to, considering they have been able to carry their bags since freshman year.

I can understand why Dimond would implement the new rule, because of safety precautions.

But trying to go from class to class while also going to your locker makes it extremely difficult.

You cannot carry everything in your hands, especially if you have a lot of textbooks.

“I personally dislike it because I don’t have everything on me, I also always forget to put my backpack away, so I get yelled at if I still have it on me,” said Platt.

       Leslie Hingsbergen, a senior at Dimond, said, “ My arms are full. It’s not really a problem for me, but I know for others it can make them anxious. Although I would prefer that they allowed backpacks.”

        “I think for freshmen it wouldn’t really bother them, because they already dealt with it in middle school,”

       The rule just causes so much inconvenience for a large portion of the students who have to carry textbooks and multiple binders around.

          Maybe if they allowed bags that are clear, students wouldn’t mind, just as long as they can carry around their things without having to go back and forth between their lockers and classes.

         I can understand why Dimond would implement the new backpack rule, but the students of Dimond feel that it’s just a big inconvenience.

        The district could edit the rule or the school could let kids choose their lockers so they can have lockers that are closer to their own classes, rather than having a locker far away from your class schedule.