Earthquake Aftermath Impacts School Activities

After the 7.0 earthquake that hit Anchorage Nov. 30, schools were closed for the entirety of the week following, which had major effects on Dimond sports and activities.

Dimond High School students who are involved in theater were preparing for the next play, “Clue.” The earthquake caused many rehearsals to cancel, and less time for the actors to prepare.

Due to the earthquake, the stage in the auditorium was extremely damaged and unsafe to practice on. The stage underwent repairs throughout and following winter break.

Junior Liz Plaztek, who plays Mrs. White, said, “It messed up the stage so we couldn’t rehearse on it, and because we took a week off from school, it made us lose days for rehearsing.”

Although many rehearsals were canceled, students were able to plan their schedules around it to accommodate the lost days.

Plaztek said, “We managed to meet up over winter break and the week we were out of school to rehearse, but we are still a little behind on sets and such.”

Dimond’s Crystal Ball dance was scheduled on the day of the earthquake, and was canceled due to excessive damages in Dimond. Students who purchased tickets to the dance can now carry them over to the Sadie Hawkins dance, on Feb. 1.

The ski team at Dimond was also affected. Skiers missed two meets due to the earthquake and the lack of snow at the time.

Sophomore Anita Koelsch said, “We missed two meets but one was our Lynx Loppet, which is a two-day meet so it was kind of three. The first meet we missed due to no snow, so obviously we couldn’t ski, and when we got snow, the earthquake happened so we missed our Loppet.”

The Lynx Loppet is a two-day race that Dimond hosts. It was cancelled due to the earthquake and school closures.

“Our season runs late October to mid-late February and because of lack of snow and the earthquake we didn’t get to really start skiing until December,” Koelsch said.

The November earthquake also affected Dimond’s riflery team. The roof of the old school where Riflery usually practices was damaged and they weren’t able to enter.

Sophomore Sophia Wagner said, “The roof did cave in a bit, and because of that we weren’t able to go in there. We were able to only practice for two days for regions, which was delayed because of the earthquake, which we did end up losing it to second place for eight points.

“We weren’t able to practice the extra day at West where regions was, so we were one practice behind,” said Wagner.

The earthquake also caused Boys Basketball to miss practices, similar to a lot of sports and activities throughout Dimond.

Dimond Senior and Basketball Captain Carter Moore said, “We missed two days of practice, so we had to practice in another gym for a couple of days.”

The delays in activities at Dimond are just one of many side effects from the November earthquake Anchorage has faced in the past few months.