Career and Job Fair Is Great Opportunity

This year Dimond students attended the Anchorage Career and Job Fair, an event which consists of professional employers coming together and seeking new employees. This is a great opportunity for students in high school and college, but it can also create opportunities for adults looking for a job.

People are supposed come with their resumes, and talk to the professionals in the fields of work they would like to pursue a career in. This fair also gives guidance to students who are currently in high school or college, and are trying to decide on what they would like to do.

These type of students use this fair as an opportunity to go and talk to professionals and get an idea of what kind of jobs are out there and whether or not those jobs are what they want.

At Dimond, Geometry teacher Jeffrey Bannish was excited about motivating students to take a step in investing their time into the fair in order to hopefully get a job or find something that they would be interested in. Bannish coordinated it and helped out kids as needed.

Bannish said, “This is the first time Dimond has done something like this. It is all organized by the state, and they reached out to us, and it was given to me to look after, but I could not go unfortunately.

“Since I did not go, I do not have any feedback about it. I was hoping that I would go, and get an idea of what it is like so I could tell students more about it in the future.”

Most of the people who want to the fair are students of Bannish. He tried to convince as many students as he possibly could to go, and 23 students signed up.

The fair was a going to be a surprise for Dimond Sophomore Aiden Lipinski. Before the fair, Lipinski said, “ My math teacher Mr. Bannish told me about it, and to be honest I do not know what to expect of it.”

Many students had various reasons for going. Some were going just to look around at jobs, and others were seriously thinking about life, and getting a job to do well in the future.
Dimond Sophomore Ayanna Basargin said, “Mostly I wanted to because I needed to pay rent if that makes sense, and to get a job now that could help me get a better job later.”

Lipinski said, “I am going to get a job, and maybe make a little extra money on the side if I can. I preferably would like to find a job in the aviation side of business.”