Choir Members Excited about California Trip

All choir members in the Dimond High school will go in California for a new music experience.

They will be leaving Anchorage Monday, April 22 at 11:40 p.m and return Saturday, April 27 at 4:30 a.m, the morning of Prom.

Autumn Marray, a freshmen, and Jazel Ramos-Rice, a junior, are Mixed Choir students who are enthusiastic about this experience.

How do they feel about the trip?

“I’m excited about it!! We will going to do a bunch of cool stuff with the group,” Marray said.

Ramos-Rice said, “So excited!! I love California and I have not been there in a while. I am really excited about coming back there.”

The choir has scheduled one high school music exchange, some activities at the Universal Studio and a concert.

So are the choir members nervous?

“ No, really I’m comfortable with all the choir and I always had a lot of fun during the concert with my choir,” Marray said.

Ramos-Rice said, “ No, singing in a large group of people is more easy and fun than singing alone”.

The exchange will be with Mira Costa High School and will enable Dimond student to find new friends and establish new traditions.

“We will have a lot of time for socializing with the other choir. I think that will be so much fun,” Marray said.

Ramos-Rice said, “Yes, because all us love music and all us will do something that we love to do. It will be a curious experience for the other choir ”.

Many choir members are planning to go to Prom, despite spending the previous night on the plane.