Student Forum: Students Want Dimond to Be More Green

It is vital to any government for the voices of the people to be heard. This ideal is being upheld even within Dimond’s student government.

On Tuesday March 26th, a student forum was held open to anyone that had any suggestions, questions or problems surrounding how Dimond is functioning.

Earlier this semester another student forum was put on by Student Government; however, the turnout was disappointing in that not many students showed up.

This go around, with more advertisement and announcements surrounding the forum, many more seats were filled that in the previous one.

Around 20 students showed up and almost all of them had some sort of input to put towards the question the forum posed: “How can we improve our school?”

Some of the most popular suggestions were regarding how Dimond could become more green.

“I think that it’s great that we are discussing how we can make school not only better for us, the students, but for the environment as well,” said one attending the forum, Savannah Johansen.  

Students came up with the idea of getting rid of one-time-use plastics in school and adding recycling stations to the halls where items like plastics and aluminum can be disposed of.

The group also discussed how the students felt about the new no-backpack rule enacted at Dimond this year.

The majority of the attendees showed interest in changing this rule, arguing that it “makes getting to class on time much harder”.

Another change they are looking to make was regarding the temperature control at Dimond.

“If it’s going to be cold then we should at least be allowed to wear beanies or hats,” said one of the sophomores at the forum.

Senior Hahna Wood, who was hosting the forum, was more than open to these new ideas. Even suggesting that students with concerns attend the Sara Rasmussen forum being held March 29th in Student Government adviser Lem Wheeles’ classroom.

Students from different grades with different views and concerns were in attendance.

Another incentive to attending is the food provided.

Both pizza and beverages were provided to those who came. Encouragement that obviously worked.

“I thought it was pretty cool that Student Government wanted to hear everyone’s opinions and they really went the extra mile by providing food too,” said Senior Christopher Loudon, who also attended.

It’s important to Student Government that everyone has an opportunity to let their voice be heard and people tend to have a lot on their agenda so it was great to see so many people pull together over one cause, their love for Dimond.

In the past there have been class representatives who would meet once a month during four hour to discuss similar topics but over time this has fallen out of practice.

Today, at Dimond, students are always encouraged to bring up any ideas or issues they have with their class officers.

But it seems as though holding an open/public group meeting like the one held on the 26th is an even more effective way to gain helpful criticism.

In the future there will continue to be open forums held for the student body to attend, hopefully continuing to grow in both productiveness and in attendance.

But until then always feel free to contact any members of student government as they are always happy to listen to the helpful suggestions that Dimond students have to offer.

After all, a Lynx is always looking to improve their home.