Update: Senior Events

The class of 2021 have not had much hope on senior traditions continuing this year.

Things like graduation, Senior Fun Day, and Prom have been up in the air due to the possible risks of spreading Covid-19.

Prom in particular will not be happening this year.

Kristen Melican-Nevela, Mentorship and Language Arts teacher, said, “There is definitely not going to be a school-sponsored prom.

As for Senior Fun Day, “We are working on some senior events… We are hoping to do something like a senior fun day, but not sure yet.” Melican said.

Dimond has an annual Honor Grad Night for the seniors who are graduating with honors. They receive their honor cords for graduation and listen to the event speakers.

“Honor Grad Night will be hosted via a Zoom Webinar this year. We will have our regular Honor Grad meeting via zoom next week where students will learn how the night will unfold and they will vote for their staff readers and NHS Seniors will vote for the student speaker.”, said Lea Bouton, a Science teacher at Dimond.

“Each student will be given a template to make their slide, which will have their picture and their bio that will be read.

“As it is a webinar, only the event speakers will be pictured on the screen. We will have our typical formalities, and students will be able to share the webinar address with family so that anyone can join us.

“It is unknown at this time how all of the paraphernalia associated with the evening will be handed out to students (honor cords, certificates, NHS stoles, etc) but I’m sure that will be worked out in the coming weeks.” said Bouton.

Another tradition, specifically for our yearbook is Senior Superlatives.

Junior and Sophomore editors Sydney Jolin, Anna Brimhall and Danika Schneider said Senior superlatives will still be going on this year even with all the changes to the yearbook due to the pandemic. 

“We are working on a list right now to figure out which ones we wanna do and we’re gonna make it smaller. We are gonna make a Google form with all of it and then advertise the google form throughout the school.

“We probably would’ve started a lot sooner if it wasn’t for the pandemic,” said Schneider.

Last year’s senior class experienced a virtual graduation.

This year, staff is working on an in-person graduation for the class of 2021.

Kathleen Navarre, Athletic Director and math teacher at Dimond, said, “We plan to be in person in our stadium on the football field. 

“They will have it also live streamed so everyone who would like to watch it can.”

With graduation comes families and friends gathering to support the students.

But how will social distancing be applied to ensure everyone’s safety at the ceremony?

Navarre said, “The stadium seats are already marked for social distancing and each senior will be given a set number of tickets for attendance at the graduation ceremony.

“There will be a ticket system, they have not set how many tickets each senior will get, but there will be a limited number of people in attendance to maintain social distancing.

“Things could change by May, we will have to wait and see what happens.”

Students have asked in the past for opportunities to personalize their cap and gowns by decorating them. 

Just like in past years, this will not be permitted.

“I have not heard that this will be allowed. As of now, I would say we will still adhere to the rule that the caps cannot be decorated or thrown during the ceremony,” said Navarre.

With all the regulations it will be hard for seniors to receive a proper goodbye.

Missy Nurmi, a Social Studies teacher at Dimond and one of the Senior Class sponsors, said, “We really don’t know what events we are going to be able to do. 

“We are working on a bunch of ideas celebrating 2021 (in addition to graduation). So, nothing set yet.”

Navarre said, “We are still working on all the details for the senior send off and such.

“It is so hard these days with all the mandates, but we will make sure our seniors know that we love them and are proud of their accomplishments.”

No matter what happens the staff will find a way to show their love for the class of 2021.

From a senior point of view, Dimond Spirit Commissioner Zavier Hajdukovich said, “As a senior I am pretty disappointed that we are not able to do the regular things that we used to be able to.

“We (student council) are really making the most of it and really trying to reach out to you guys as much as possible.”

As of words of encouragement for the senior class, Hajdukovich said, “We are Dimond and together as a whole we can get through anything.”