Seniors, Teachers Bid Farewell to Dimond

As seniors leave and staff retire, many of us wish to bid farewell to the school that has been our home for the last four years.

Senior Harlie Lewallen said, “I would like to thank the Dimond community for shaping me into who I am today, I didn’t realize how much of an impact high school would truly have on me.”

Senior Andrew Peterson said, “I never thought I would miss you, but I will.”

Senior Christiana Amosa said, “I wanted to say thank you to all my teachers for their hard work and for helping me to understand better in school, I will miss all of my teachers and friends and also my school Dimond Lynx.

Senior Eve Kedem said, “Dear Dimond, thank you for being the place where many special memories took place.”

Senior Ian Cruickshank said, “Goodbye Dimond, I will miss your school lunches.”

Senior Jasmine An said, “Thank you Mr. Hall and Mrs. Sears for the hours of tutoring that you put in!!!!! P.S. Lots of good memories with my friends uwu.”

Senior Tyler Victors said, “Goodbye Dimond High School thank you for the memories.”

Senior Luke Smith said, “Thank you for all the memories.”

Senior Daniel Rowen Skye McIver Hires said, “Goodbye Dimond, you were a place I went, for a few hours, and some of those hours weren’t so bad.”

Senior Ivan Surbano said, “I would like to thank all the wonderful teachers and staff for making my high school experience a good one!

Senior Averyl Cobb said, “Goodbye Dimond, forever a lynx.”

Senior Ardian Balazhi said, “Thank you and farewell Dimond High :).”

Senior Gavin Lee said, “It has been such a pleasure, hope that we meet again!

Senior Lawton Skaling said, “How lucky am I to have so many good things that make saying goodbye so hard.”

Senior Trinity Dirks Nevzoroff said, “I’ll miss hanging out with my friends at school.”

Senior Zylynn Analoak said, “I will miss the staff because they made my years at Dimond so much better.”

Senior Collin Yocom said, “My only regret is that I never got to use the vending machine.”

Senior Emma Muhlbauer said, “Farewell to my second high school, Dimond; I’ll remember my growth through DHS theater and the many Canvas assignments.”

Senior Delainey Zock said, “Thank you immensely to the teachers who have been nothing but kind, supportive, and passionate throughout the years.” 

Senior Delly Mulu said, “Imma miss my fave teachers and lunch time we didn’t get to have this year.”

Senior Vega Britt said, “I appreciate all of the teachers I’ve had and I’m glad I had the chance to be a part of their class.”

Senior Bella Oberlatz said, “I am so grateful for all of the Dimond staff and students who have made these four years so special.”

Senior Marvin Ko said, “It was a good four years.”

Senior Annika Enkvist said, “I would like to thank the wonderful teachers and my friends at Dimond who have helped me throughout my Lynx journey, especially the Fine Arts department for allowing me to express my creativity and gain more friends along the way.”

Senior Corah Higgins said, “I’m gonna miss the good memories here, and seeing my friends every day.”

Senior Kanani Puaoi said, “Never thought I’d make it this far but I’m glad I did, bye y’all.

Senior Loloma Johnston said, “I’ll miss being a student aide for the Curriculum Office, and delivering passes for the counselors:).”

Senior Sarah Lowery said, “I am going to miss the running teams and all the fun we had together.”

Senior Colin Kleckner said, “Goodbye Dimond, know that you will be missed and remembered by us all.”

Dimond Band teacher Jason Edwards said, “I will miss walking down the Fine Arts hall every morning for the past 16 years while the sun is rising and seeing all my band students walking in with their instruments ready to make music!”

Dimond AP Language and Composition teacher Anne Morris said, “Happy Trails!”

Dimond Mathematics teacher and Athletic Director Kathleen Navarre said, “Thank you for the memories, Dimond!  I will cherish all the relationships and memories I made in my 20 years at Dimond!”

Dimond Social Studies teacher Will Staats said, “It’s been a wonderful journey; I will always cherish my memories of the time I have spent at Dimond.”

Dimond Librarian Suzanne Metcalfe said, “No matter where you go,  you can always be at home in a library!”

Dimond Special Services Department Chair Christine Zelinsky said, “After 32 years in education, I go towards the next adventure with Maya Angelou’s quote in mind: ‘Do the best you can until you know better, and then when you know better, do better.’ Let your light shine Lynx!”

Dimond Honors English and Journalism teacher Rebecca Norsworthy said, “I will never forget my wonderful students. I will miss my freshmen, my Journalism students and the Igaramkin. Dimond will always be in my heart.”

Goodbye Dimond, this is the class and staff of 2020-2021, signing off.