Homecoming Information

Today I had the chance to interview one of Dimond’s very own junior student councilwomen Charlotte Cruickshank. I had asked her questions regarding the homecoming, and she enthusiastically answered some of them regarding popular demand.

I asked her in terms of the dance, what is the theme this year. She smiled at me and told me that “this year’s theme was music!”. Following up on the dance, I asked where it would be held and who would provide the food/caterer(s). “The main gym would probably be the only place big enough considering how many students we will have,” she said. “And I’m not sure about the catering, but I know we’ll have some amazing caterers for Prom/Snow Ball,” said Charlotte Cruickshank.

Following the interview, I asked Ms.Charlotte about the DJ, and she replied “she’s not sure of the name, but there will be one there, and we’ll mostly be playing Pop/Nostalgic soundtracks”. There will be a few slow dances, but a significant proportion of the songs will keep the audience on their feet.

On another note, that was pretty much it for homecoming questions, so I asked her about floats, her thoughts on the dance and attire, and if the dance theme has changed over the years. Because they will be pulled by others in your class, the floats will be limited to a maximum of two people! A float will be assigned to each class. For more information, ask your teacher or go to Mr.  Wheeles during the 4th hour. Ms. Charlotte, on the other hand, hopes for semi-formal attire as well, nothing too extravagant of course, but she used her cocktail dress as a concept. She also mentioned that when the (2022 Graduating) Seniors were freshmen, they had music as a theme! Overall, she’s very excited, and she and the rest of the council hope you have a memorable time at the dance! 

REMINDER: Per the school policy, any clothing other than semi-formal (dresses, jumpers, suits, etc.) is not permitted.