Homecoming Outfits


Homecoming season is here! Everyone is in a rush to find out who is going to win the Homecoming football game, who is going to be whose date, the outfits, and what music they are going to play at the dance. But let’s focus more on the outfits for now. A lot of the students will dress up according to the theme, but not all students will. Some will go in with their most comfortable outfits, some will be the fanciest, the most eye-catching, the most relaxed outfit, and others too.

The men are going for either dressing stylish and looking fresh for the dance or wearing the most comfortable and relaxing outfit they can to chill at the football game. Senior student, Caden, and some other students too said that they were going to be wearing a tux while others will be wearing coats and suits. The ladies aim to be the prettiest and the most fabulous looking out there too, they want to have the best dresses or gowns. Surprisingly, not everybody is sure about what they will be wearing in the upcoming Homecoming. A lot of students were asked what they will be wearing for Homecoming and said that they still didn’t know or they are still not sure, however, we all expect everybody to be unique in their own ways.

 There is a lot of excitement awaiting the upcoming Homecoming but we are also excited for the best outfit and for who stands out the most. Who’s the prettiest? the most fashionable?  the most handsome? Who wore the best dress? The best suit? Who got the coolest shoes? The prettiest heels? We all are looking forward to finding this out this week at Dimond Homecoming!