Homecoming Prince and Princess

Are you familiar with the prince and princess? If not let me tell you about what I have gone through and interviewed most of the homecoming court to see how things are going and see how they’re feeling about being on homecoming court.
First, I interviewed the princes. “It is a lot of fun since a lot of my friends from elementary school are also on the homecoming court,” said Max Johnsen, a prince for Homecoming. He got his varsity letter in cross country and is a star runner. The next prince I interviewed was Luke Johnston. “It’s a cool experience to represent the seniors.” He didn’t expect to be on the homecoming court and he got his first varsity letter in his sophomore year in basketball. The next prince is Maguire Hamey, who is extremely excited to be on homecoming court. He didn’t expect to be on homecoming court either. He had 4 basketball varsity letters at the time. 

  The first princess I  interviewed was Ellie Cunningham, who is stoked to be on the homecoming court. She didn’t expect to be on the homecoming court and she has received 4 varsity letters in flag football and 2 varsity softball letters.  l. She hopes to become queen of the homecoming court. The next princess that I interviewed was Marley Hamlett who was also excited to be on homecoming court and thought she might be on the court based on the fact her friends told her that they voted for her. She has 1 varsity letter in swimming and 3 varsity letters in soccer. She doesn’t expect to be the queen of homecoming but is excited to be on the court. The next princess I  interviewed was Lillah Johnson. She is excited to be on the homecoming court and said she is looking forward to the homecoming dance. She has received 3 varsity basketball cheer letters, 3 varsity football cheer letters, 3 in gymnastics, and another in track so she has got about 10 varsity letters. This puts her at the top of the athletes with most of the varsity letters.