New Staff at Dimond

Hey, Dimond High we have new staff members and one of the new ones is Mx. Fletcher. Mx. Fletcher teaches freshman English and Journalism. The reason they chose to teach high school is that there is more engagement and the connection they can get. The goal they have for us is to help us learn that reading can be enjoyable. 

Mx. Fletcher is from Homer, Alaska came to Anchorage to study acting but decided to be a teacher. Mx. Fletcher had an internship at Polaris. They taught English but started teaching D&D. Mx. Fletchers got their first teacher contract out in Kotzebue, Alaska. They said that there were like 100 or fewer students in each high school class and everyone knew each other. Mx. Fletcher said that it’s kind to each of us but we should watch how much we use our phones in class and pay more attention. They like Dimond! They said they are surprised how many students are in this school. The reason why they are surprised is that this is their first time teaching at a big school.