What’s Going On With Buses?

Buses have recently become a major problem for students because most students don’t have a car or their parents/guardians can’t drop them off at school. Without buses, people will be late most of the time. This will severely affect students’ chances of attending a good college or getting a job after graduation. The reason we have such a shortage of buses is that many don’t want to stay bus drivers.

Even before now, there was a threat of a bus shortage, so to try to prevent this the district combined routes so some buses had to pick up kids on two routes. Then Covid happened, and bus drivers weren’t required anymore. We were stuck inside our houses; but when the lockdown was over, the bus driver threat was closer than ever, since most bus drivers found different jobs during the pandemic. We had very few drivers then, and now there are almost none. But there’s not only bad news because as of October 3 we have our buses back for three weeks, and the district is currently training and hiring bus drivers. As of now, they have 168 drivers active, 37 in training, and we are short 60 drivers. They are offering drivers an extra $2,500 for the first semester of school.