Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is a problem that is not just recent, it has been happening for many many years and it is only getting worse. Ocean pollution is the build-up of manufactured plastics and harsh chemicals in our oceans and it is greatly affecting not only ocean life but the environment too. This problem must get fixed or improved because humans rely on our oceans and their organisms more than one would think. If this problem stays the same, it may result in the extinction of millions of animal species and organisms. Ocean pollution is a global problem. Therefore, this can be seen all around the world. Especially low-income areas and oceans around South America.

Humans have been contributing to this problem for a long time and we are ultimately the reason that this is happening. The origin of this problem dates back to when plastic was first developed by Alexander Parkes in the 1860s. Scientists didn’t start researching this until around the 1960s. We can only assume how long it had been going on before then. When they discovered this, they found that 100 million tons of waste had already been dumped into our oceans. The amount of plastics in the oceans continues to increase daily.

Increased levels of ocean pollution can promote the growth of algal blooms, which can be toxic to wildlife and humans. Harmful chemicals found in plastic waste have been ingested by millions of animals in the ocean, causing sickness and death to many. This impacts those that eat seafood as well as seabirds, and other animals. After eating contaminated sea creatures, it can cause disease and sickness, even in humans. Not to mention we also rely on ocean reflections to keep the climate at normal temperatures. If the ocean is covered by plastics and other waste, the sun has nothing to reflect off of and therefore may cause temperatures to fluctuate. If plastic waste amounts continue to increase, there may be mass extinctions and not only in marine life. Many humans rely on oceans for food and employment. If ocean ecosystems continue to collapse, there will no longer be marine life.

Many people can help with this problem. Recycling is always an option and it’s free to do. Other things that can be done are supporting ocean cleanup crews or donating to foundations that care about ocean pollution. You can also help by picking up trash on beaches or on the street and recycling them. Spreading awareness can also go a long way. That way, you can find more people that want to help so we can save our oceans.