Senioritis: Does It Exist?

The disease many fear when becoming a senior is the infamous ‘senioritis’ taking many by surprise.

A student does not necessarily have to be a senior in order to think they have senioritis; even freshmen say they have the disease.

Art I, Yearbook and English teacher Callen Lickingteller said, “I do not believe that the Dimond Lynx would succomb to such a foolish disease such as senioritis. I believe the graduates should come back the next year and sit quietly in the classroom to set a good example for the other students and be role models.”

This describes how some people do not believe that senioritis actually exists, while other “know” they have it.

Senior Niko Varlamos says, “It hit me the first day of high school and now becoming an actual senior it has hit me even harder. I have to encourage myself to do my homework and stop looking at the end goal, graduating.”

Some think it is a foolish thought and others experience it first hand. Lickingteller and Varlamos gave both sides of the argument.

In my opinion I do think that the thought of graduating has affected my studies and my thought process during school.

Knowing that I am a senior and I can push through I now realize I should not have been thinking about graduating when I was a freshmen.

Another student, Senior Taral Clayton, shares her disbelief by saying, “I am a senior but I do not feel I have let myself be infected by the senioritis. My study habits have not changed since I was a freshman at Dimond. I can see where people can think they are affected by senioritis. Look what you have been given on a daily basis, not months away.”

It is amazing how just the thought of graduating can change a student’s work ethic and habits, not for the better.

Walking into different classrooms and seeing kids on their phones, taking naps or drawing on their paper makes me instantly think of senioritis.

Even when the kids are not seniors they tend to be looking forward to graduating, especially juniors who are becoming seniors next year.

Junior Isaiah Pili complains, “This is the year I have caught the senioritis plague. Putting in for scholarships and travelling abroad for colleges have made me look at graduating.”

I hope students realize it is not cool nor fun to have senioritis and buckle down to really focus on the important things, their studies.

Enjoy highschool but not too much to catch senioritis.