Opinion: Cyber Bullying Can Be Stopped

Cyber bullying. We have all once in our lifetimes either witnessed, exposed, or have been involved in it.

Google says that cyber bullying is “the use of electronic communication to bully a person.”

Most victims incidents happen within teens and preteens, and some have either attempted suicide, or actually have gone through with it.

I talked to a couple of people in charge here at Dimond High School, one of them being Anchorage Police Officer Mark Wells, one of the school resource officers, who said has had multiple cases come to him about cyber bullying.

Most of them are just from saying mean things to each other, or going as far as posting naked pictures on social networks.

If the person that is being exposed is under the age of 18, then it is child pornography, which is a felony.

Wells has had eight or nine teens arrested because of child pornography.

Their highest consequence would of course be going to jail, only if that is their second offence from the cyberbullying.

Or, they would talk it out and come up with a less dramatic consequence.

He believes that the cyber laws in this state are not up to date with the latest generations or our technology.

I then asked him what we could do to limit cyber bullying, and he responded, “Start with education, and hope it works.”

Holly Morris, assistant principal for student services, said she on average she gets one or two situations a week from cyberbullying, but it can go up to at least five or six on an off week.

Why does she think there are so many cases of cyber bullying?

“Growing up, you are learned to stop and think before you speak. But you do not have a filter through your thumbs.”

Which, I believe, is so honestly true.

On your phone, laptop, tablet or whatever electronic device you use to get online, you can keep on typing away without even thinking about it.

She had also made a very connecting comment to cyber bullying.

“If you would not put it on your grandma’s fridge for all of your family and everybody to see, then why would you put it up at all?”

In other words, all your family usually goes to the grandma’s house and she has all the kids’ stuff up on the fridge for everybody to see, just like social networking.

Cyber bullying has been a big topic with high schoolers for generations.

There have been deaths and very hurt kids come out of it.

That’s why I do not understand why we do it at all.

Parents need to start teaching their kids now on what they put up on social networks regarding the newest generations coming in.

I believe cyber bullying can be stopped.

We need to stop all the drama.

To grow up, and leave everyone be.

If you don’t like someone, do not talk to or about them.

Simple as that.