Opinion: Dress Code Should Be Modified

Through the interviews I took, I realized that the people all wanted and thought  the same thing, for dress code to be modified.

Dimond Students do not  agree with the rule that there are no hats allowed in school because of the “gang affiliations” there are no gangs at A.J. Dimond High School.

The students who attend this school know that if someone is wearing a hat, it does not mean that person is in a gang.

Here is some feedback from Dimond students.

Senior Jack Sedor said, “I think the no hat rule is stupid.  One, students at South High are allowed to wear hats freely.

“Secondly, I think hats should be allowed because they have a right to wear them. People love sports and want to support their teams and I do not think the school has the right to take them away, but on spirit days they are allowed.”

Next, Senior Sasha Serebryakov said, “There are no gang problems in high school, not once have I heard of a fight because of gangs… especially not because of a hat.”

Lastly on this topic, Senior Brent Quinn agrees with Sedor and Serebrykov.

“Clearly,” he said, “if people were in a gang at our school, we would know of it and report them so no harm would be imposed to our classmates or teachers. By wearing a hat at school, you are expressing your sense of style.”

Another issue the the students of Dimond High School regarding the dress policy was that the dress height has to be a certain length at dances.

Girls do not agree with this because they do not think it is fair that a guy can wear whatever they want without getting in trouble, but girls have the chance of getting in trouble.

Senior Tia Lowe said, “I think it is sexist that a guy can wear what he wants but a girl has a dress code. If my parents are fine with what I wear, the school should be as well.”

Another dress code that girls can’t tolerate is the potential ban of leggings.

Girls say this is ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

Lowe again said “I can’t believe they would take them away, I wear them almost every day.”

These rules do not help our school in any way, and have no place in the school district.

I think the rules should be changed and so do the students of Dimond High School.

The school board should rethink their decisions on dress code and look into what they can and will change in the next few years.

Although, for the most part, Dimond High has a fair  dress code, and not very many students get in trouble for it.