Opinion: Fountains Leave Students Thirsty

Like many students at Dimond, I absolutely despise most of the drinking fountains. The main reason for these hateful feelings is the low pressure and the warm temperature.

There are eight drinking fountains here at Dimond, one in each hall, three near the gym, one in the main commons, and one on the stage.

Each drinking fountain is different and has its own individual temperature and water pressure.

That means some are good and some are bad.

The problem here is most of them are bad, so you have to find the right one if you don’t want a mouthful of warm water that takes horribly long to collect in your mouth.

I have heard legends of a drinking fountain that isn’t completely terrible, so I decided to ask around.

Bradley Cross, a junior here at Dimond, informed me that the only good drinking fountain (pressure wise and and temperature wise) is the set of two by the weight room.

He also told me about the gross amount of gum in the fountains.

He uses these drinking fountains pretty often. In fact he drinks out of them at least once a day on average.

In reference to the temperature Bradley told me, “They are way too warm, like it is coming out of someone’s body.”

Now that’s a pretty disgusting comparison, but it really shows how absolutely dreadful these drinking fountains are.

Many students, including myself, don’t drink out of the water fountains very often but still consider them a problem.

Another Junior, Witten Cohen, said, “The best drinking fountains are in upper A hall, the worst ones are in B hall and lower A hall.”

He uses the drinking fountains about once a month.

“The drinking fountains in most of the halls don’t have any pressure behind them, the water just kind of seeps out,” said Cross about the pressure of the water fountains.

Other students like Amelia Vasquez-Davis never drink out of the drinking fountains.

She said, “Engineering tested the water and the PH levels in the water were pretty high.”

She brought bottled water to school from then on and hasn’t drunk out of the water fountains since. Her statement made me reconsider drinking out of the water fountains myself.

The water fountains here at Dimond truly are terrible. They are old, and the water tastes funny.

Many of these fountains barely work, or they are so warm your thirst is never quenched.

To top it off the best drinking fountain is across the school by the weight room where it is impractical for anyone to use unless they are in a PE class. The only good thing about this location is the people that are tired and really need the better water from the vigorous exercise don’t have to go far.

Some people don’t use the drinking fountains very often, if ever so this isn’t a problem for them. Others use it every day and hate it.

My hope is that someday the drinking fountains at Dimond will be fixed, but until then bring your own water.