Opinion: How Important Is School Spirit?

What defines a school? Is it the building? The classes? Or is it student involvement? School spirit is being proud of your school and representing it.

It shows other people that, as a school, you unite as one.

School spirit means something and can have a significant impact on your school experience.

I go to the best high school in Alaska, Dimond High.

Compared to other schools, our spirit stands over all of them.

Dressing up for spirit days, getting involved at events and going to pep assemblies make an unforgettable experience.

As a school, we have increased our school spirit over the last three years significantly. People are getting more involved, which makes it even better.

Tia Lowe, a senior at Dimond, said, “I think school spirit has a big affect on our school because us students become united.”

Unity makes us stronger as a school and school spirit helps that.

Taylor Schnell, a senior at Dimond, said, “It makes things way more interesting and fun. It gets kids more involved.”

Even Jack Sedor, another Dimond senior, says “I like how school spirit puts smiles on people’s faces and smiles are important.”

So why doesn’t everybody dress up for spirit days and go to sporting events? Do people not understand the importance of school spirit?

Lowe speculates that the reason not many people dress up for spirit days is because people think they are “too cool.”

This is most likely true, and I am ashamed to admit it. Some people think school spirit is dumb and pointless.

I believe that those people are the ones who never tried dressing up or getting pumped up for Dimond sports games.

This is where the phrase “don’t deny it till you try it” comes in to play. How do people know the fun and honor of school spirit if they never once get involved and get passed their stubbornness?

It’s almost depressing to think about how some people don’t love this school as much as I do.

There are people out there who think, “It’s just high school, it’s not that big of a deal,” but you’re here for four years, you might as well make the best of it. Make it fun. Make your time here a fun experience instead of acting like a prisoner who can’t wait to get out of jail you call “school.”

So what can we do to increase school spirit?

I am one of Dimond’s Commissioners of Spirit along with my good friend Brent Quinn. We are part of Dimond’s Student Government, and our job is to pump people up, be very very spirited and help make a great school experience for all students.

To increase school spirit, we try to make the spirit days fun and easy to dress up for, get lots of people to sporting events, get people excited, and explain the importance of school spirit.

Over the years, spirit has increased dramatically, but we could do even better. Brent Quinn believes that we should “make it mandatory for kids to dress up.”

I believe that is a good way for students to get involved. Teachers could even offer extra credit for kids who dress up.

I believe that this school is the best in Alaska.

School spirit can help make your experience at Dimond worthwhile. If everyone gets involved then it will be way more fun and exciting

We are Dimond.

We bleed maroon and gold.

We stand together as a pack, the pack of mighty lynx.

Stay golden.