Opinion: Parking Fees Spark Questions

Parking fees… Nobody wants them, but everyone who drives has to pay unless you want to end up with a fine.

Fees for the 2014-2015 school year are $110 for that school year, which is about $12 a month.

Maybe not all of us agree that there should be a fee, but there are several advantages to actually buying a parking permit.

With the increased security and better cameras for the parking lot, you will not have to worry if you get hit, because you’ll find out who did it.

Or if somebody breaks into your car or does any damage to it, the school will more likely than not, find who did it and they would in turn, pay the consequences.

On the other hand, why are parking fees so much?

In my opinion, they charge the amount they do because they feel that students will still pay it. This is inherently, a capitalist country.

ASD will charge as much as they want that they will think students will pay, and that happens to be $110.

Now, the reason for parking fees is due to the “tax rate not being high enough,”  said Holly Morris, assistant principal for student services, said. It helps out your school district buy new computers and books for the classroom. Practically it rolls into the budget for the schools, she said.

“It’s just a little crazy how much the school district charges to park at a school that we go to, that should be free,” Junior Drew Griffith said.

He does not think that being a student of a school, that we legally have to attend, that we would have to pay for parking.

“It’s a little ridiculous,” Griffith said.

Andre Toliver of security said, “The money that parking fees go to helps pay for the people we pay to pick up your guys garbage and to plow the snow in the winter. So practically you are parking for free.”

Parking fees help pay the people who keep the parking lot clean and usable.

In my opinion, yes the fee is quite high. To just slam down 110 or so dollars right there for a parking ticket is not the ideal thing for a high school student.

It helps out your school and you never have to worry about a parking spot.

Paying for it does have its benefits, and you do get something out of it.

You will always have a parking spot, and the parking lot with most likely always be clean of debris so you can park.

In the end, you may not agree with the fee; however, it helps out your school whether you realize it or not.