Current Approach To ISIS Is Lacking

If you have seen the news lately you will have undoubtedly seen some story or information regarding the terrorist group known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

This group has been very prominent in the news lately as they are taking increasing control of the Middle East.

According to Mail Online, more and more members are joining daily and they are becoming an increasing problem for the U.S..

The group considers themselves to be activists, and is against those who do not have the same religious practices as ISIS.  They also have shown particular hatred for the U.S. itself and continue to threaten us regularly.

Little is known as to the actual level of threat that ISIS can place on us which is why I do not believe our country as a whole should be accrediting and acting as if ISIS is a threat comparable to that of another country attacking us.

The approach to handling the ISIS situation reflects poorly on the U.S. as a country.

Many of the individuals we have elected to represent us are making poor, rash statements, which create a bad image of the country.

After interviewing students, the consensus on the subject the issue is surprisingly unknown.

Sophomore Sean Gardeline agreed with me in saying, “that group [ISIS] is being shown way worse than they actually are.  There’s a lot of stupid stuff being written in the news and having people on TV freaking out doesn’t help us at all.”

I have found that a lack of opinion is a very prominent perspective towards this issue. However, it is an important current issue in our country, and as of now, it should not be disregarded as so many people are doing.

It is not helpful or relevant in any way to have persons acting as they are on television and performing incompetent actions towards finding the solution.

The simple fact that many students at this school are completely unaware of this problem at all is a problem, as ISIS has the potential to be a national threat.

In acknowledgement of that, I still stand by my opinion that we are identifying and mislabeling this issue incorrectly.

The simple action of saying less would not only set a better precedent but also discourage ISIS from threatening us in the way that they currently are.

With new threats of reports every day the situation is ever changing and growing.

Currently, military efforts are being directed towards the African ebola outbreak, only providing less resources to be partitioned towards the ISIS threat.

This leads me to believe that the actions currently being taken towards ISIS are not at the effort level being shown towards ISIS in the news or media.