Dimond Parking Lot Delays Students’ Exit

Dimond High School has been known for the best academics, the best sports programs and the best musical programs.

But there is one significant flaw of Dimond High, and that is the Dimond parking lot.

It can take up to 20 minutes to get out of the Dimond parking lot after school.

When I asked senior Tia Lowe whether she thought the conditions of the Dimond Parking lot were good or bad she said, “Bad, parking lot is too horizontal and not close to entry door.”

Lowe also added that she thinks the parking passes are far too expensive, and then the parking lot need to be extended to the back, so there is easier access to all the different entrances of Dimond.

Sophomore Jade Devon agrees with Lowe and is new to driving in the Dimond parking lot, and is less experienced compared to upperclassmen.

Devon thought adding a third exit would help with traffic flow, she responded with, “yes, that would help tremendously when leaving after school,” Devon said.

Even teachers have complained about the teacher parking lot.

When winter comes around, a large snow mound is pushed to the teacher side of the parking lot.

Once the snow is there, there is a limited number of parking spots left in the teacher parking lot.

Once snow has set on the ground, the Dimond parking lot before and after school becomes ten times worse.

Not only are students worrying about other cars around them, but they are also stressed about the slippery roads and horrible weather conditions.

Yet Dimond students are very good at coping with the obstacles that Alaska throws at them.

Another flaw in the Dimond parking lot is trash.

When Dimond students leave for lunch, they come back with trash.

Although most students are courteous about throwing away their trash after lunch, there is a large number of students just throw their trash on the ground and walk away.

It is starting to become a problem in the Dimond parking lot.

I personally think that one class should be assigned to a certain week to go out during their class time and collect trash.

Therefor, the trash would not be such a problem and the lot would be kept clean.

When I was interviewing Sophomore Jade Devon, I asked if she thought assigning a class to pick up trash is a good idea and why.

“Yes, that would be a good idea, because then there wouldn’t be as much trash and it will teach students to pick up their trash so they won’t have to go out and pick up other peoples,” She said.

Another idea would be fining students a great deal if they are caught littering or not properly throwing away their trash. After a certain number of offences, the student will have greater disciplinary actions.

     In conclusion, there are many flaws of the Dimond parking lot, but all of these flaws can be fixed with a little help from the Dimond High school students.