School Temperature Can Be A Problem

The temperature here at school proves to be a problem for many students, especially me.

I feel as if the school can be too cold and this discourages me from wearing a regular t-shirt on most days.

Other students prove otherwise. Some say that the temperature is just right ,and many say that it differs with each classroom, with classes being too warm or classes being too cold.

So what exactly do students think about the temperature, and who controls it?

I personally know that there are major differences with the temperature in each of my classrooms, my science class being really warm and my English class being really cold.

There are thermostats in every classroom, but do the teachers control their own temperature of their class?

“There are thermostats present in every class in school that show the temperature in the classroom, but do not allow for individual control,” said Holly Morris, assistant principal for student services.

This goes to show that the teachers are not in control of their thermostats.

Morris said, “The temperature  here at school is controlled by people from Automation.”

It is all controlled by a department on the other side of town separate from the school, so if a problem arises regarding the temperature here at school, Morris informs Automation and asks them to solve the issue.

A pretty common issue would be teachers putting objects on their thermostats which would affect the temperature in their classroom.

Teachers can’t manually change the temperature of the thermostat, but if they put an item on top of the thermostat such as a wet cloth, the temperature of the classroom will decrease by about two degrees.

The Automation department has said that such actions create minimal change and can create larger problems.

Dimond counselor Pete Mandel said, “My office can be pretty warm at times but the thermostat does work and I can freely change the temperature when I want.”

This shows that the thermostat in his office does work. So maybe the offices of counselors have working thermostats, just not the classrooms, because they want to avoid students tampering with it.

Since the temperature here at school is controlled by a corporation completely separate from the school, I believe that it would be rather difficult or impossible to request to have the heat turned up if students are feeling too cold.

After learning this, I will just wear more sweaters every day knowing that the school can be pretty cold for me.